Holiday Ready with Bissell Clean

Dec 20, 2017 | By Christina

*This post was made in partnership with BISSELL. As always, all thoughts & opinions are our own. 

Henry came into our lives totally unexpected. Last year in the midst of our house hunting craze we went out to lunch to escape the boxes that filled our apartment. We had missed out on one house that we truly thought was going to be ours (you can read more about that debacle here), we had told our apartment complex we’d be out by the end of the month and things just felt overwhelming when we were home.

While we were waiting for our lunch, I was scrolling through Facebook and found a ton of posts about how overcrowded the shelters were in Phoenix. Several animals to a kennel and some being turned away. The second we finished lunch we made our way to the shelter and laid eyes on little Henry. Well at the time his name was Jakar and before I even knew his name, I was convinced he was a little lady with his very shaggy hair and adorable eyes. Either way, we fell in love with that little fur ball and knew he was meant to be a part of our family.

Now almost a year later we’re hanging his stocking on the mantel and thinking about what to spoil that little baby with this holiday.  We’ve also been thinking about how we can keep the sofa and chairs pet-hair-free. You see a blue velvet sofa probably wasn’t the best choice with a light haired dog, pshh with any dog and most of my weekends are spent cleaning that sofa, but we love it and we love that little guy so the two must coexist. We also have the new addition of my sister’s dog, Lucy and it’s been so fun to see them play and cuddle together. (My sister and her pup have been staying with us the last few months as she gets settled in AZ.)

Growing up I had small hypoallergenic dogs…they didn’t really shed, so I never knew what the upkeep was like for a mix like Henry. I never wanted to be one of those people that showed up for work or a dinner with dog hair all over dark clothing. You could be the cleanest person alive but dog hair everywhere, especially in your home, is off-putting. This time of year, with holiday entertaining and more company than usual, I’m all over the place cleaning up after that little one. We were happy to be introduced to BISSELL’s latest pet vacuum, the Pet Hair Eraser Lift-Off.

We’ve been fans of BISSELL for a while now, (you might remember this post from last year) so we were super happy to try out this “do it all” vacuum. It has all the features of a traditional upright vacuum which makes going from hard wood floors to area rugs a breeze, but then also has a lift off option for those hard to reach places and easy emptying so you never have to touch what’s inside. The pet-eraser attachment has been a life saver for the couch and upholstered chairs that Henry likes to take his afternoon naps on. All around this has been a pretty perfect addition to our household and has given us one less thing to worry about prepping for holiday entertaining.

With BISSELL’s constant support for pets in need, we couldn’t be happier to share our experience with their product on the blog.  Through the BISSELL Pet Foundation, $10 from every purchase of pet products like the Pet Hair Eraser Lift-Off goes to support animals in need.

What about you pet parents out there? How do you deal with the shedding?


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