Prepping for Holiday Guests with SNOWE

Dec 13, 2017 | By New Darlings

Holiday Guest Prep - Get Your Bathroom Ready for Out of Town Guests - Welcome Package

Sometimes you just really love a company…like you don’t want to ruin or throw away the packaging, because its so pretty and witty type of love. I remember the first time I watched Helvetica in college…I went home and rewatched it several more times because I finally was able to connect with the passion and excitement behind design and the people who were creating. Fast forward a few years (okay maybe more than a few) to watching Abstract and I felt totally sucked in again…invigorated by those creating the album covers, store front logos and magazine advertisements I loved. These elements of design can often get overlooked. Sometimes when they’re done so well, you don’t even realize it because they  (and by they I mean the people behind the product design) are just that good. Well, that’s how we feel about SNOWE.

SNOWE popped up on our radar about a year ago, right before we bought our house. We were searching for home goods and getting some design inspiration when we came across their beautiful site, and we were immediately drawn to their savvy design approach and minimal take on living. With clean lines, delightful web graphics, and classically beautiful yet modern products, we are beyond excited to be partnering with them on a fun holiday post today.

SNOWE is all about practicality and quality when it comes to home essentials. Everything from towels and bedding to dinnerware and glassware, they have you covered. I feel like when you have guests coming to stay with you, bedding and a cozy place to retreat to each evening is always the first thing on everyone’s mind. Making sure the linen closet is stocked with soft throws, fresh sheets and pillowcases is definitely important (SNOWE’s bedding bundle will help you get your guestroom or even that pull out sofa ready in cinch and create a luxury experience), but what about the bathroom? We recently did a simple refresh in our guest bath for the holidays. Here’s a look at a few of our favorite items to get your space prepped for visitors and out-of-town guests this holiday season.

Holiday Guest Prep - Get Your Bathroom Ready for Out of Town Guests - Welcome Package

In addition to refilling those glass canisters with cotton balls, and making sure there’s new soap and toiletries readily available, candles are always a must as well. The Rinse & Repeat candle is so fresh and clean smelling.

Holiday Guest Prep - Get Your Bathroom Ready for Out of Town Guests - Welcome PackageI’ve always loved fluffy, white towels. It can make even the smallest of bathrooms feel like a fancy hotel. I can’t help but think of holiday guest prep without thinking of the line in Christmas Vacation when Cousin Eddie shows up and Ellen, just a tad bit aggravated says, “We have plenty of room. Plenty of towels, plenty of everything.” Ha! The Starter Bathe Bundle should have you covered.

Holiday Guest Prep - Get Your Bathroom Ready for Out of Town Guests - Welcome Package

Trader Joe’s pulled through again with the festive flowers. We repurposed this carafe as a vase for some fresh greenery and red berries. Even the bathroom deserves a little holiday cheer.

Holiday Guest Prep - Get Your Bathroom Ready for Out of Town Guests - Welcome PackageLittle Christmas trees and pretty diffusers in every corner!

The softest bathrobe…seriously, it’s a softie…they’re not lying. 😉

I love the idea of creating a gift basket for those visiting out of town, to welcome them into your home. Think: a plush robe, maybe a set of espresso cups with some local coffee, a fresh candle and cozy throw to cuddle up with in the evenings. The ultimate comfort basket, that will come in handy sitting around the Christmas tree or fire together.

Check out our favorites below:

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*This post was made in partnership with SNOWE. As always, all thoughts & opinions are our own. 

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