3 Ways to Beat Stress During the Holiday Season

Dec 14, 2017 | By Robert

In the midst of rocking around the Christmas tree, kissing under the mistletoe, wrapping gifts while mom plays the piano, sipping egg nog, and gathering up your buddies for some caroling, the holiday season can be a tad bit stressful. Movies and music tend to paint a pretty magical picture, and those moments are definitely there for us, but we’d be lying (and you would be to!) if we didn’t say we are stressed and a bit run down from the day-to-day schedule the holidays seem to come with.

How do we deal with such stress? Here’s what works for us…

Couples Style - Winter Outfit Inspiration for Him & Her Couples Style - Winter Outfit Inspiration for Him & HerHis: Watch | Sweater | Jeans | Belt | Boots | Sunglasses
Hers: Watch | Sweater | Jeans | Heels | Coat

1- Get out of the House.

We work from home, so being home is sometimes like being at work.  Since day one, we’ve been trying to keep the two separate, but if you are a fellow work-from-homer, you know the struggle.  The best way to fight this feeling is to get up early (not too early!), get ready immediately and work from a coffee shop.  That’s one of the best ways for us to literally keep work and home separate.  It’s a nice way to enjoy our favorite beverage, while still feeling productive.  If you don’t work from home, we are still huge advocates for getting out and about when stress hits.  Sometimes it just takes a stroll or car ride to realign yourself and get a fresh mind.  We like to visit the most decorated houses in our neighborhood. Couples Style - Winter Outfit Inspiration for Him & HerCouples Style - Winter Outfit Inspiration for Him & Her 2- Pull Yourself Together.

This is our favorite one.  We’ve spoken about this before, and I’m sure we will again.  We always get fully ready when we head out the door.  Our days tend to be a bit random.  Meetings flow into lunch and dog walking is followed by shooting a fun project before grabbing a late dinner.  We’ve come to expect our unexpected schedule, especially during the holiday season, so we like to look as professional as we can.  It makes us feel good, comfortable and ready for anything.  Pro-tip: a watch can make an entire look feel more polished.  We’ve both been rockin’ (around the Christmas tree and beyond) with our new watches from Citizen.  These have become our new favorite accessory for a professional look, their Eco-Drive series charge in the light (sun or artificial), and we are kind of obsessed.  We recently picked ours up at Macy’s and we highly recommend them if you’re still looking for a good gift for friends, family members or just want to treat yourself.  We opted for the Chronograph Nighthawk for him and the Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Bracelet for her. No Regrets!

Couples Style - Winter Outfit Inspiration for Him & Her 3- Catch a movie.

We like to say that catching a late movie is our reward for a hard-days work.  It’s our time to put away our phones, zone out, and feel entertained.  Don’t ask us our top-ten favorite actors or directors…we aren’t movie buffs by any means, but getting lost in a good drama while sharing a big tub of popcorn might just be our favorite thing to do.  The end of the year also brings the oscar-worthy movies to the big screen, so it’s a good excuse to go once a week 😉

We hope you are all enjoying the holiday season and not feeling too overwhelmed with all the extras getting thrown your way.  There are tons of ways to cope with stress, and these are just a few that work for us.  We hope these help!  What are some ways you guys fight the stress bug during the holidays?  Any fun tips we should know?

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Photos by Willow Greene. *This post was sponsored by Macy’s and ShopStyle, as always all thoughts & opinions are our own. 

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