Minimal Design with Delta Faucet & Cooper Hewitt

Nov 25, 2017 | By New Darlings

A few weeks ago we hopped on a plane to NYC and had a pretty crazy evening with some of the best in the design and decor world: Nate Berkus, Emily Henderson, Amber Lewis from Amber Interiors…not to mention some pretty amazing people from the Delta® Faucet team and Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum. Over the years, our love for design has grown into an obsession… and a healthy, strong one at that. If any obsession could possibly be healthy or acceptable, we say this is a mighty fine one to have. We talk all the time about creating a joyful space and how that can positively impact your mental and emotional state. Creating a happy haven for you to retreat to isn’t always effortless or easily executed, but that’s what’s fun about it all, right? The process! I mean, isn’t that how everyone’s obsession with Pinterest came to be? The homes that have been shared over and over again were revolutionary when they were first designed, photographed, and then shared. Now people are trying to emulate and recreate these designs in their own home, hoping that ten years from now they will still be relevant and classic.

Before we go any further we have to talk about the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum itself. It was our first time there and the sheer fact that it was where Andrew Carnegie called home completely blows our minds. As we took a tour through the museum, we could not fathom what it was like walking down that grand staircase every morning for breakfast. With a total of 64 rooms and a peek at several of the unique exhibits, it was truly an impressive space.

Nate Berkus and Seth Fritz (Senior Industrial Designer at Delta ® Faucet) kicked the night off with a walk down memory lane in design…mid-century modern, bold deco, and country chic. We reflected on the maker’s culture of the 2000s, where DIY became the norm and home organization was on everyone’s mind. Streamlining your linen closest with matching baskets and the perfect towel folds were simple home updates that everyone wanted to do. These little luxuries weren’t dependent on money, but on time. What was most exciting was the look to the future: modern luxury with bold accents, and a more balanced mix of traditional masculine and feminine styles. Something Nate said that really stuck out to us that evening, was how he defined luxury: working and living among products that give you the time and convenience to do the things you want is truly special. There have been so many advances in technology and that carries over into the convenience of design as well, and faucets are no exception.

The Delta ® Faucet team had something really fun in mind with this presentation and just as they tugged on our heart strings about cooking in the kitchen with family and friends, they shifted gears to the bathroom and unveiled their new design: The Sphere Faucet. I have to say, it was pretty amazing being there for the big reveal. We have never attended a design event such as this and you could feel the amount of passion radiating off everyone in the room. The Sphere faucet instantly reminded me of a Zen garden…tranquility with a globe spout and calming trickling water. Made entirely from a 3-D printer the design took about 6 weeks from concept to fruition. Everyone’s wheels immediately started to turn and we were all wondering about finishes, colors, wall mounts and handle options…will there even be a handle? The possibilities are endless and we’re excited to see how the Delta ® Faucet team moves forward with the design. For now, take a peek below. We were inspired to create three inspiration boards for the faucet. I think one’s mind may immediately sway to business for the faucet…restaurants, spas, etc., but we thought of a modern minimalist’s powder room. How lovely would it be to pop into a friend’s powder room and see something so unique? Or a calming master bath retreat? We love making mood boards, so we had a lot of fun with this one. Take a look below and maybe you’ll get some inspiration for your next home project.

Faucet via Delta | Toilet | VanityLight | Shower HeadTile | Towels

Faucet via Delta | Basket | Sink | TileLight | Tub FillerTub | Towels

Faucet via Delta |  Shower | Mirror | Shower HeadVanityLight | PlantTile

*Thank you to Delta Faucet and Cooper Hewitt for sponsoring this post. As always all thoughts and opinions are our own. 







4 comments on “Minimal Design with Delta Faucet & Cooper Hewitt”

  1. Where can I find that fantastic sphere faucet (and ensemble) as well as a reputable, innovative contractor in my area (Dallas)?
    From someone near the point of exasperation awaiting a guest bath rebuild (6+months Post demo, haven’t found anyone with vision or depth to begin the project!).
    Please advise …. love this concept!

    1. Hi Donna – oh man, that’s so frustrating to hear. Renovations can be so exciting, yet so frustrating at the same time, if you don’t have a good team with you. The sphere faucet is actually a concept faucet from Delta and is not yet currently available. So sorry about that! Hope this gave you some inspiration though and can help kickstart your project.

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