Our Guesthouse: Silver Bathroom Hardware

Sep 13, 2017 | By Christina

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Silver bathroom hardware isn’t something we originally thought we’d find ourselves super drawn to. The brass and gold craze took over, as well as matte black finishes over the last few years and it totally sucked us into it’s dreamy interior goodness. We did both bathrooms (view the master bath and hallway bath) in our home with brass (brushed gold, as Kohler calls it) faucets and hardware, and went with matte black in the kitchen, so as it comes time to select these finishes for the guesthouse, we’re finding ourselves wanting to do something different. Don’t get us wrong…we love those finishes and are super happy with how the rooms turned out, but literally every time we go on Pinterest and look at bathroom inspiration, it is a sea of brass and gold. It’s beautiful, it’s shiny, it makes us go “ooohhh” and “ahhh” but we want a change for the guesthouse and surprisingly we’re leaning toward something a little more traditional.

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Traveling abroad a lot, we’re exposed to many different decor choices and they all have one thing in common: they’re classic. Even the funkiest of bathrooms and kitchens have some traditional elements that keep things looking timeless. Reclaimed wood, weathered cement, handmade tiles…these are all things that make our design loving hearts go pitter-patter. On our recent trip to London, we were super drawn to the clean and elegant design choices of the Limewood Hotel and after digging around on (yes, you guessed it!) Pinterest a bit, we found a ton of inspiration with silver hardware for the bathroom. There’s something very refined about it and “spa-like”. Although the bathroom in the guesthouse will be on the smaller side, we still want whoever is visiting to feel refreshed and happy while getting ready for bed or starting their day.

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Here’s a round up of some silver faucets and shower fixtures we’re considering for the space. We’d love to hear your thoughts! Also, after some gas and electrical work throwing us for a loop, we have that all figured out and we’ve officially started work on the casita this week. We cannot wait to see it come together!!! Oh, and one more point of excitement to share, my (Christina’s) sister officially booked her tickets to Arizona and will be moving here in the fall! A lot of fun stuff happening over here. 🙂

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3 comments on “Our Guesthouse: Silver Bathroom Hardware”

  1. i’ve always loved silver hardware! i’m not a huge fan of super shiny chrome, but i have zero problems with silver. there is definitely something very timeless about it. sometimes it’s also just nice to pick something so much more accessible which also makes it a lot more affordable.

  2. I’m enjoying your site and your style and I just have one question: why did you decide on moving to Phoenix or better yet, how did you decide that city when you are so well-travelled ? Phoenix. just seems like an atypical choice.?

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