English Oak with Jo Malone London

Sep 14, 2017 | By Robert

Oh man, Jo Malone London…where do we start? This is a company that we truly love.  Their brand aesthetic is pretty perfect, their boutiques offer complimentary hand massages (yes, please!), and the people who work behind the scenes go above and beyond to create not only a superior product, but an experience that we know we’ll never forget.

Last week, we visited London for the first time (see our posts here and here).  We arrived a few days before our official experience with Jo Malone London began as we wanted to see the sights, visit some markets, and adjust to the time zone before meeting the team.

We have worked with Jo Malone London in the past, and it’s a company our families grew up using, so we were super excited to meet everyone. We met up at the Rosewood Hotel where we first enjoyed some afternoon tea before dressing up for dinner, hopping on a double decker bus and heading off to the Jo Malone London Townhouse.  These guys know how to throw a party! We arrived to a gorgeous space with a spiral staircase that was lined with candles, leading up to the main dining room.  It was beautiful and smelled absolutely heavenly in there!  They had a live band who played all the hits, we chatted the night away and ate a scented supper which was inspired by the new fragrance collection. When we got back to our hotel room that night, there were the cutest little notes in tiny envelopes hand-addressed to us from “fairies” who resided in the New Forest. Already the amount of detail that was being put into the experience had us excited for what was to come.

In the morning, we ordered some room service for breakfast while we got ourselves ready for the day.  We had no idea what was ahead of us, but we knew if it was anything like the night before, it was going to be a pretty perfect day. The two of us were ready to go!  We were taken by car to our…HELICOPTER! What?! If you’ve been on a helicopter before, we’re sorry for the over excitement, but we had never been on one. It is certainly not part of our everyday and we were giddy at just the thought of it.  Our pilot calmed us down with his extremely poised demeanor and stories of Brad and Angelina (yes, they’re all on a first name basis) who apparently shared the same ride.  We were lifted off over the incredibly green English country side, over some massive properties, and taken to the New Forest where the true magic was about to begin.

If you told us that we’d be taken into a forest to a cottage in the woods, where we’d share marshmallow treats before seeing a man play the cello surrounded by books hanging from trees, followed by a woman typing your greatest wishes onto scrolls from a typewriter, we’d have been like WHAT!!?!?! But yeah, that all happened, and we felt like we were in a dream.  The best dream. The rain fell on our heads as we hiked our way through the all the greenery.  It couldn’t have been planned any better!

It was no accident that we ended up in the English forest.  Jo Malone London’s newest scents, English Oak & Hazelnut and English Oak & Redcurrant were inspired by the English oak trees that surrounded us.  Our favorite thing about Jo Malone London is the way you can easily combine their scents to make unique ones and we have been doing exactly that with these two new scents.  We’ve worn them every day since our trip and love that they’re unisex. The fragrances will always remind us of this day and it’s a pretty nice memory to hold on to.

From our day in the forest, we were driven past the wild horses to the Lime Wood Hotel & Spa, and just with that we knew the magic would continue on, even when we thought that was impossible.

Our cottage for the night was straight out of a movie and it was super cozy. It was really hard to believe we had just come from Arizona where the temps were stillll in the triple digits.  We had a patio off of the living area to a little backyard covered in greenery, where raindrops still sat on the leaves.  It was a definite switcharoo from our home in Phoenix and we were super happy to call it our home away from home for the night.

For the main event, the final dinner, we knew it would be something special, but when we walked into the atrium we were stunned.  The ground was covered in leaves, greenery hung from the ceiling with lights strung everywhere and we had to pinch each other to realize this was actually happening. Think of the most beautifully decorated wedding and your favorite department store’s holiday display all rolled into one.

This trip was absolutely breathtaking and an emotional one to say the least. To put it simply, to be able to partner with a company who truly cares this much about the story they are telling and the experiences they are creating through their products, instead of simply the product alone, was really special for us. I know next time we draw a bath, or get ready for a special evening with their fragrances, we will think of this experience and will feel an instant sense of warmness and inspiration. The company is truly full of creators and passionate people, who we feel lucky to be a small part of. This trip will be one we will be talking about for a long time.








3 comments on “English Oak with Jo Malone London”

  1. I just love the new English Oak scent as well – actually, I love all Jo Malone perfumes, but this one is sensually unique! What an incredible trip – how lucky & honored you two are to be part of such an event. Your blog is gorgeous, keep up the great work & inspiring others!

  2. This is amazing. Your amount of detail and photos, excitement, and knowledge of the product makes this so special to read! Glad I found this online- excited to follow you!

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