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Aug 30, 2017 | By New Darlings

Why We BlogHis: Theory Shirt | Levi’s Jeans | Hawk & Co. Sneakers | Timex Watch
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We were 16 and 17 when we first started dating. As you might have heard or read here before, we met on a double date that wasn’t necessarily meant for the two of us. We ended up hitting it off, chatting all night, long after the other two friends we were with had left. The next day we made plans to go to the park and the rest was history as they say. Since then we were inseparable. We have grown together, laughed together, and cried together. We have truly become best friends. Before you get overwhelmed with the mushiness and lovey-dovey direction this post can so easily go in, let me cut to the chase…

Taking photos has always been something we loved to do. As teenagers we would take our little point and shoot cameras everywhere (back then it was a red Sony)…and I mean everywhere! Pier 1 to take pictures with the crazy giraffe decor, at the park with our drive-through lunches in hand, weekend trips to Boston to see The National play. It was just something we did. We did it for ourselves. We did it to document our lives together. Sometimes we’d even take photos of the cover of a DVD to remember what movie we watched on “that day”, “that many years ago”. We were creating a time capsule of sorts. One day I came out of the bathroom wearing a chambray shirt and Rob told me I instantly reminded him of a Dusty Springfield album cover. Although that was super sweet and I was flattered, (ahh young love!) I laughed it off. That night we began talking about the idea of recreating and photographing our favorite album covers. It’s projects like those that we gave ourselves and the weekly park videos we made on Windows Movie Maker, that always remind us why we continue to photograph everything. It was and always has been a creative outlet for us. It’s a way for us to bond, try new things, and be silly with one another. It’s plain old fun. Little did we know that fun could ever turn into a full-time job.

I remember downloading Instagram one afternoon (it must have been back in 2012 maybe), strictly for the filters. “Nashville” was my go-to, and with Hipstamatic (anyone remember that app?), I thought I was creating the “coolest” pictures. If you scroll back far enough on our feed, you could probably still spot a few oldies. I was sporting side bangs and Rob was bare-faced. Crazy!

Thirteen years of photos is A LOT of photos, but today it seems more common, more “normal” to document everything. With the popularity and growth of Instagram, and the immense amount of content that is being shared on social media, it’s easy to get sucked in. It’s easy to compare and question the motives behind everything shared, as well. It is no secret bloggers monetize off of their sites, ourselves included, and there are a ton of ways in which it can be done. Affiliate links, brand partnerships, sponsored product giveaways, the list goes on. It’s a growing digital business that is changing by the day and sometimes it’s becoming harder to identify what is truly genuine.

Whereas we never thought this blog could ever become our full-time jobs, we are extremely thankful for the opportunities it has given us. The people we have had the pleasure of meeting, working and becoming friends with because of it, is truly priceless. It sounds corny, but honestly there is no other way to communicate it. We aspire to share positivity here and will always continue to be transparent with sponsorships. Without you, we couldn’t do what we do. We’re thankful to have a platform to share our travels and what we’ve learned and experienced in new cities along the way, candid weekend snaps, home posts, as well as inspiring photosets that are fun projects for us to put together, plan and create.

This site has become not only a source for us to share what we love, but it’s also a place to communicate and connect. After all, that is what we used social media for to begin with. If anyone has any questions about blogging or our journey, please let us know! We’d love to share more and keep this an encouraging destination for everyone. We’ve gotten a lot of messages about how we made the transition from our “9-5” jobs to blogging full-time, so we’re thinking about sharing that next. So keep your eyes peeled.


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9 comments on “Why We Blog”

  1. hi! i was wondering what size shirt you’re wearing? because it looks more oversized and I quite like that look (for Christina)

    btw love the new look of the blog!


    1. Thanks Lauren! I’m wearing an XS (my usual size) in the shirt and it definitely is a bit more oversized. I have a few tanks from the same brand, and they aren’t as billowing as this one. Guess it’s just how this one is cut. Hope that helps! Thanks so much for following along. 🙂 xo

  2. I would love to hear about how you transitioned from 9-5 jobs into full-time blogging careers. That’s the dream!

  3. What is the best motivation for staying consistent? How do you create fresh content daily- photos and posts?

    I would love to hear about the transition! So inspiring!


    Brittney Howell

  4. “If you scroll back far enough on our Instagram feed…”
    **Proceeds to stop reading post in search of these hidden Instagram gems**

    Your blog is such an inspiration and I’d also be interested in hearing what your transition has been like to the full-time blogging world. Thanks for letting us all in the past few years!

  5. Hi to you both!

    What advice would you give to those interested in starting a blog? Do you have any helpful tips/tricks, or insider info? Can I ask if sponsorships were the result of certain brands contacting you, or vice versa? Did you find that you had to establish a certain “fan-base” or followship (is that even a word?), before brands began contacting you?

    Also, I’m very interested in knowing why you made the move to Phoenix! What drew you to the city? What continues to draw you? What are your favorite things to see/do there (and in surrounding areas)? What would you say to someone thinking about making the move to Phoenix?

    SO. MANY. QUESTIONS. Sorry! What I wouldn’t do to sit down with the two of you and chat…!

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