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Aug 31, 2017 | By Robert

AUDIOBOOK FAVORITESIf you guys have been following along with us for even just a few months, you know that our go-to date night is to the movies.  For us, it’s a time to unwind, get sucked into a story with no distractions, and then chat about it all the way home.  We always end up having long chats, comparing the movie to the book.  When we see a movie is being adapted from a novel, we rush to get the audiobook and let it play while we work from home.  It’s become a ritual and allows us to chat about the book before seeing the film.  We have spent plenty of dinners chatting about who should play the characters and what parts we think they will leave out in the movie, because let’s face it– they always leave out a good scene or two…hey sometimes a whole supporting character doesn’t make an appearance on screen.  Since the movie is almost never as good as the book, it’s important for us to listen before watching.


It’s crazy to think that Halloween is just two months away (we’re ready for the costumes and candy, but not ready for that holiday rush), and with that, the suspenseful thrillers are coming to theaters.  Being born in the 80s, “It” was the fear of every child.  The book and the miniseries that followed tormented my youth.  I remember my older sisters and cousins teasing me about going down to the dark basement to see Pennywise.  Being the youngest wasn’t always the most fun back then.  Ha!  I’m glad those days are behind me, but seeing the trailer for the upcoming film brought back my childhood fears and I realized that I never actually read the book.  I was too scared as a kid, but hey, it’s time to face my fears.  Bring it on!

If horror isn’t your genre but you love to read the book before you see the movie, we’ve compiled some of our favorite books turned movies.  We highly recommend checking out the audiobook even if you’ve already seen the movie.  It’s a requirement around our house!  What do you guys think? Did any movies outdo the books? Will you guys be listening to “It” before seeing it?

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3 comments on “Listen Before Watching”

  1. What did you think of “It”? I enjoyed the book but there are some, ahem, interesting parts in there (the weirdest of which are not all that important to the story, IMO!)

  2. I know someone who likes to watch the movie and then read the book. I thought that was weird, but it kinda makes sense! If she likes the movie first, she knows she’ll enjoy the book even more. But if she likes the book first, she’s more likely to be disappointed when the movie doesn’t live up to the book.

    1. That is actually a super interesting point! Currently reading the book on Scrib’d. But I dunno if I will wait to finish the book before setting out to see the film, as there isn’t much time left!

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