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Jul 31, 2017 | By New Darlings

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Since our move to Phoenix (4 years ago!), we’ve lived in four different places (3 apartments and our current house).  Of all the places we’ve lived in, our current house has been the toughest for us.  That could easily be due to the fact that it truly belongs to us, so we’re giving every square foot of this place way more thought and attention than we would have in the past. Renting vs buying, am I right? 😉  We never had the liberty to knock things down, customize and paint the way we have this time around, and those decisions all impacted the rest of the house design and decor wise, so we definitely felt more pressure. We mentioned in our last blog post that bringing in a blue velvet sofa gave the room a much needed boost of color and once we did that we felt ready to take a few more risks in the space.  Let us (formally) introduce the plaid twins in the room… these are the Jack Chairs.

New Darlings Bold Chairs Interior Design Lifestyle Blog - Checkered Schoolhouse Jack ChairNew Darlings Bold Chairs Interior Design Lifestyle Blog - Checkered Schoolhouse Jack Chair

We first came to see these while browsing the Schoolhouse online shop.  If you’ve seen any of our home posts, you’ve probably noticed that 95% of the lighting in our home is from Schoolhouse.  The brand is one of our absolute favorites and there is nothing they’re doing that we don’t admire.  We’d be lying if we said the Jack Chairs have always been on our radar.  Truthfully, our first reaction to them was “woah, that’s a bit bold!” Our living room has always been pretty neutral and leather based, so it wasn’t an item that made that much sense to us at first.  We liked seeing the chairs in other homes, but never thought it would work for us.  This house has a bit more of a cottage cozy feel vs our old place so we thought we could play a bit more with textures and patterns.  As time passed, we found ourselves on that “Search” bar on the Schoolhouse site typing “Jack” and “Add To Cart” just to see what it felt like.  We do this a lot before we actually pull the trigger.  If we do it enough, it usually means it’s time to make a move.

New Darlings Lifestyle and Home Decor Blog - Classic Americana Home DecorWhen we finally placed the order, we started acting like proud parents.  We would show our friends and family photos of the chairs we’d be getting soon.  I was quickly reminded of a plush burgundy colored chair my great uncle would sit in every evening after dinner. I’d sit by him and admire the antique bank collection that filled the room. He’d read through the newspaper with a cold beer in hand on that chair each night, while I looked at the comics. When we revealed our living room, we starting getting a lot of comments and emails about the chairs and where they came from.  We were happy to see that we weren’t alone on our obsession with these plaid babes and we’re so glad we went bold on accent chairs this time around. Maybe these will be the chairs that our nephews remember sitting in when thinking back on visits to their aunt and uncle’s house…who knows? Full circle? Maybe. It’s a nice thought though.

New Darlings Bold Chairs Interior Design Lifestyle Blog - Checkered Schoolhouse Jack Chair

So, is bold for you? It can be a bit scary to go so pattern heavy or even incorporate a piece with ornate detailed wood working, but it’s usually pieces like those that infuse the most character into a room. I love how they can add charm to the corner of a small bedroom or help tie a living room together.

If you’re thinking about going bold with chairs, here’s a few of our favorites:

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For all the sources on our living room, check out this post here.





6 comments on “Musical Chairs”

  1. Those chairs look amazing! I’d love to have a chair like that in my new place but I sadly don’t have enough space.Norina |

  2. I love these chairs! Honestly the plaid is so classic I feel like it almost plays as a neutral in a way, bold as it is haha.

    Also, I def have that black and white striped Anthro chair (but in a vintage kilim fabric), and my husband and I are actually DIYing that dowel chair from Urban right now! So many good chair picks. 🙂

  3. I am considering these chairs. We just bought a new house and I love them! How comfortable are they for long-term sitting? Are the cushions more soft or firm? Im nervous to make such an investment without ever seeing it in person but i LOVE the look.

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