Sunset at Pont Neuf

Mar 18, 2017 | By New Darlings

Back in the spring of 2011, we were spending a few days in south Florida visiting some family.  The two of us spent an afternoon downtown having lunch and then spontaneously decided to catch a movie.  We had no idea what was playing, nor did we really care too much.  It was one of those days where going to the movies was all we wanted to do.  We have those days quite a bit actually, but there is just something about watching a story unfold, eating popcorn and snacks, tuning out the real world, and getting sucked in to a good film.  We looked at the list of movies playing, and the title Midnight in Paris caught our eye.  We had recalled seeing the trailer a bit before our trip and have loved Woody Allen for years, so it felt like the perfect afternoon date.


I remember having no idea what the movie was going to be about, but we just knew with Woody Allen behind the camera that it would be shot beautifully.  We were instantly grinning ear to ear as the snippets of Paris flashed on the screen.  The dialogue, the music, the scenery… we were hooked.  This is what really started our obsession with a city we’d never been to.

Of course, Paris has been romanticized in music and movies for decades, but this movie got us good.  It went to the top of our bucket list and year after year we told ourselves… “one day”.


When we finally arrived in Paris last week, we made sure to highlight some of our favorite Midnight in Paris moments and try to recreate them.  A visit to Pont Neuf along the river was at the top of our list.  What a beautiful place to watch the sunset together and snap a few photos.  Whether you love the movie, just love the city, or are looking for a bench to watch the sunset…we highly recommend this spot.  With a few days left over here, we might just do it again.

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  1. Love the blazer! I’m a fan of Woody Allen myself, so when Midnight in Paris came out, I wanted to travel there even more! I enjoyed all of your instagram stories while you were there!

    Southeast Supply

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