The Crafter’s Box

Oct 19, 2016 | By New Darlings

New Darlings - Crafter's Box - Wooden Scandinavian beads New Darlings - Crafter's Box - Wooden Scandinavian beads New Darlings - Crafter's Box - Wooden Scandinavian beads New Darlings - Crafter's Box - Wooden Scandinavian beads

When I was in elementary school on Friday nights, I used to go with my mom and sisters to my mom’s good friend’s house. The kids would play and run around in the yard until we tired ourselves out, while the adults would drink coffee after coffee and craft for the holidays. I didn’t think much of it when I was younger, I just remember them making little village setups with festive ice-skaters and wreaths for every occasion. They clearly enjoyed themselves and my sisters and I loved seeing what they made at the end of the night, along with taking home some extra ribbon. Now I realize, it was more than them just getting their craft on, it was a stress reliever and way to gather with friends. I took on the crafting gene I guess, taking every opportunity to create a Halloween costume or paint in my spare time. My ultimate favorite when I was younger was the weaving loom. Anyone remember those? Oh man, I think everyone in my family received several pot holders from me that year.

I recently had the pleasure of getting an early kit from The Crafter’s Box, for their November project. I discovered them back in April when I began chatting with Morgan, the creator of The Crafter’s Box. She described what she was building as an “artisan-led community” and I was so intrigued by what she was creating. They offer monthly crafts and online workshops with everything from fiber arts and block printing to leather working and weaving.  When you sign up you receive instructional videos and kits with everything you need, which is a major plus, because I don’t think I’m alone when I say, sometimes the most difficult part of getting started on a project is dragging yourself to the store for materials. 😉 I’m really excited about the November box by Lynn Muir, which features Scandinavian wooden beads for the holidays. It really brought back some memories for me and I’ve been enjoying putting together some decor ideas for the coming months. (I know Halloween hasn’t even come yet, but I’ve already got Christmas on the mind. I know…I know…)

Here are some of my favorite ideas below:

newdarlings-craftersboxI began the garland, which is a bit of a larger project, but it seems like once I get a nice rhythm going it will be a breeze. The ornaments and napkin holders may be a great place to start for a craft night. The beads are pretty versatile for any time of year, so a Thanksgiving tablescape with these could be fun too. I’m thinking a little dessert potluck, Frank Sinatra spinning, and crafting with friends next weekend may be in order. 😉

Anyone else into crafty projects like this?
I would love to hear what you like to create in your spare time!


10 comments on “The Crafter’s Box”

  1. I love this post – such a cute idea.

    I want to make some autumnal bunting before the end of November, but I think I might as well start on Christmas bunting instead – haha x

    1. Ohhh, that sounds like fun! I know what you mean. I saw some Christmas decorations while out and about the other day. At first I thought: “too soon”, but that quickly faded and I started mentally decorating the living while in the Threshold aisle at Target, haha.

  2. I love what you said about crafting being a stress reliever. It is a huge form of self care for me because using your hands makes you feel productive and you spend time with your inner self. Next on my list is painting the bookshelf I got from the awesome Goodwills out here in AZ!

    1. That sounds lovely! My sister is always so good at finding those perfect pieces to bring home and make you’re own. I need a bit more of a push to sift through everything, but once I do its like finding a treasure! Good luck with your project. It sounds like the perfect way to unwind. 🙂

  3. Hi!

    I love this! Thank you for sharing. I love crafting and painting as well and with crafting I also agree, the hardest thing is getting started. I would love to sign up for the Crafter’s box and receive everything I need right to my door- LOVE!

    PS: I love your living room rug, where is did you happen to purchase it?



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