Final Thoughts on the HP Spectre

Oct 21, 2016 | By New Darlings

New Darlings - HP ReviewNew Darlings - HP ReviewNew Darlings - HP ReviewWhen we moved out of our old apartment back in May, it was totally unexpected. We threw our belongings into our new place as quickly as possible, before we hit the skies for Europe. Once we got back from our travels, and began to settle in, we quickly realized this wasn’t the place for us and we kind of knew that going into it all. We began the home search and decided not to continue “setting up” much in this apartment. That included our office space. In our last apartment it was smaller, cozier, and was a great place for unwinding and getting done what we needed to for the day. We’re a little embarrassed to say it, but in our current place, the “office” has turned into a storage room with our desk and chair pathetically set up in the corner. It’s not ideal and it’s pretty difficult to feel inspired or motivated to get much done. With all that being said, we’ve been going to our local coffee shop to get most of our editing done and just clear our minds.
New Darlings - HP ReviewNew Darlings - HP ReviewNew Darlings - HP Review

As many of you guys know, we took on the HP challenge a few months back and tested out the new Spectre. We are definitely creatures of habit and have relied on many of our go-to tools when writing and editing for the blog. Over the course of three months, we integrated the Spectre into all aspects of our workflow, especially when working on the go. It’s amazing how the right tools can influence your creative process. One of our favorite things about it has to be how ultra thin it is. We don’t like lugging around too much extra weight when traveling (for long or short periods of time), so this has saved us any shoulder strain. The laptop has been able to keep up with our constant workflow, processing large images (the wireless mouse has been great for this as well), while also exporting files simultaneously, and playing some of our favorites through Spotify. All in all, it’s been the perfect work companion, while still remaining pretty sleek. The design and color palette has even inspired us a bit with our home decor.  With the home search going strong over here, we can’t help but day dream about how we would decorate a space. The HP has given us a few new ideas for a minimal and monochromatic look, but one step at a time, right? 😉

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5 comments on “Final Thoughts on the HP Spectre”

  1. When are you guys moving into your new home? Hopefully the process is going as smoothly as possible! Buying a home is certainly no easy task!

    Not being able to get set up is frustrating but it is good to be mobile. I actually just got a new laptop from HP as well- my husband picked it out since I know nothing about computers haha!


    1. Hi Laura, It’s definitely been an interesting process — to say the least. Haha We’ll be sharing a bit about more about it this week, but it’s definitely pushed us to get outdoors a bit more and find new places to work from locally. Hope you’ve been loving your new HP. Their laptops are really sleek and easy to use. 🙂 Happy weekend!


  2. I got my Spectre on your recommendation, and it’s so easy and fun to use, I actually look forward to planning my blog – it doesn’t feel quite so daunting anymore! Thanks so much for the review and for your article of tips for new bloggers! Invaluable!!!

  3. Looks very sleek and portable. I’ve been meaning to update my computer that I’ve had since 2008 and this is exactly what I needed. How’s the start up and processing time? I was looking for something that’s fast as it is portable.
    Hopefully like Alana said, I’m hoping that it can motivate me to blog more often!
    Thanks! Great photos as always.

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