Weekend Links: 49


Helloooo weekend! Hope you guys are having a good one so far. We’ve been chipping away at our long to-do list over here. With our home renovation set to begin next month, we have a lot of work to do. Something we will be doing this time around is re-finishing our floors which means…everything must … Continue reading “Weekend Links: 49”


All in time…


Dear Diary… ha! That’s what this feels like today.  We have had quite a bit going on in our brains these days and felt like it was time to share what’s been going on over here, beginning with an entry I wrote back in January and never got around to sharing…now it feels somewhat appropriate … Continue reading “All in time…”


Weekend Links: 39


Hello! Is anyone out there? Or is everyone binging Stranger Things? We’ll get to it, but first we are celebrating Christina’s birthday today.  We’re so happy to be celebrating with Christina’s sister who has joined us here in Phoenix.  The three of us will be stuffing our faces with cake pretty soon, so we’ll keep … Continue reading “Weekend Links: 39”


Weekend Links: 38


Helloooo from New York! We’re at it again with back to back trips to San Francisco and New York this week.  It feels like it always works out that way.  We can’t complain though, as meeting Diane Keaton at the Pinterest HQ (ahhh!) and attending a friend’s wedding are definitely not tough tasks.  We’re taking … Continue reading “Weekend Links: 38”


Weekend Links: 37


Hey guys! We hope you all had a good productive first week of October.  It definitely isn’t feeling too much like fall over here in Phoenix, but we’ll take anything under 100 degrees at this point.  We have a couple trips out of town next week, so we’re getting all our ducks in a row before packing up for another week of travel starting next Wednesday.


Weekend Links: 35


Happy Friday and happy first day of autumn! It’s been a bit of a quiet week for us over here.  That’s definitely not a bad thing after the jam-packed last few months we’ve had.  Our week has been a pretty normal one filled with lots of catching up on work projects, seeing a little more … Continue reading “Weekend Links: 35”