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Our Desert Greenhouse with Backyard Discovery

May 29, 2024 | By New Darlings

A Greenhouse in the arizona desert

Having a garden in the new home has always been part of the plan, but one we thought we wouldn’t get to right away. When our son was first born we created a small garden in our backyard in the city of Phoenix…just a few low garden beds that gave us some beautiful herbs and veggies, which we were lucky to get to before the city cats did, most days. 😉 We lost a few zucchinis and eggplant that first year, which was of course frustrating, but something that always stuck with me was the ritual of it all. Going out to our freshly planted garden beds, with my fresh little baby on my hip who loved nibbling at fresh mint and smelling the rosemary. Those memories are implanted in my memory forever. I knew I had to recreate that feeling here in Tucson in our new home. 

Desert Greenhouse

desert greenhouse

If you follow along with me on IG, you might have seen the desert critters that visit our home weekly: mule deer and javelinas are the larger animals that come by. And although we all huddle at the window in awe of their beauty, especially when they come around with their babies, some of them have really done a number on some of our plants, like an all you can eat buffet. So, I knew if we were to create a garden here it would need to be enclosed. When I came across Backyard Discovery’s modern greenhouse options, I was sold. They have everything to deck out your yard from gazebos to swing sets and more. They’re extending 15% off sitewide with code: NEWDARLINGS15

Desert vegetable garden - wooden greenhouse

Desert vegetable garden - wooden greenhouse

greenhouse folding shelves for planting

Shop my overalls, HERE. I also recently bought the full length ones. They’re so comfy. They come in short and regular length too.

See the full tour of the greenhouse and process of it all, over on IG. Watch below:


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We opted for their 9×6 Willow Greenhouse, which has 54sq ft of interior space with 13 ft. of staging shelves. They fold down for extra space if needed. We’re starting off small with a few veggies and fruit and plan to grow and learn from there. The greenhouse has a ton of features which I plan to utilize as our garden grows. One of my favorite features, especially being in the desert is the passive ventilation with easy to slide down windows and forced ventilation with temperature-activated exhaust fan, which can come in handy during the warmer summer months.

Desert vegetable garden - wooden greenhouse

Speaking of the summer months, in Arizona we have the summer means monsoon season, where we are graced with much rain to cool down the desert. With the rain also comes some intense winds, so I was pleased to learn to can withstand up to 100 mph winds. 

Saguaro blooms at New Darlings desert residence in Tucson, AZ

The interior and exterior hose hook up is an added bonus for easy watering. My son loves all the built in workstation, which he always heads to first to grab all the gardening tools. So cute! 

I know this greenhouse is just going to grow with us as we grow with this home and am excited to see it evolve and take shape. I’ll report back on how our plants continue to blossom this season. Any avid gardeners out there with favorite things to grow this time of year? Let me know in the comments. 

*Thank you to Backyard Discovery for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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