Ready Made Open Shelving + Why We Love It

Jan 05, 2021 | By New Darlings

kitchen open shelving

Floating Shelves in the Kitchen

Open shelving: you either love it or you hate it. When we remodeled our house we knocked out the upper cabinets for open shelving and haven’t looked back. It’s a design choice that isn’t for everyone, but we love the interest open shelving adds to a kitchen. They allow easy access to our most used items and can display some of our favorite ceramics and serving ware. I think the key with open shelving is to keep your countertops clear of clutter and as organized as possible. We have a few cutting boards, our toasterknife set, coffee maker, and one of our favorite Bettina Chow ceramics to hold our cooking utensils, but that’s really it. We let our shelves do the talking. 

Where to Buy Floating Shelves

One of the questions we get asked the most about our home, is about the shelving. Where did you get your floating shelves? We had them made locally by Affinity Kitchens in Scottsdale, AZ. Affinity is the same company that made our kitchen cabinets as well. I always feel bad when someone asks where they can get them because I know not everyone is local. If you’re looking for pre-made / ready to hang floating shelves, we rounded up six places with beautiful shelves in different types of wood that you can order online and install yourself. All the shelves come with the hardware to hang them as well, so it’s pretty easy! 

kitchen open shelving

6 Beautiful Ready to Hang Floating Shelves

1 – Floating Shelves – Etsy
We always look on etsy for home decor before trying any other site or shop. We love how there are so many independent makers to discover and your chances of getting something a little more unique are higher for sure. These floating shelves from HurdandHoney are completely customizable in finish and can be made up to 72″ long. 

2 – Rejuvenation – White Oak Floating Wood Shelf
These are the most similar to our custom made shelves. I love the white oak, but they come in two different stains as well. These shelves have a super clean edge to lend themselves to any style of kitchen decor. Available in 24″-48″ long. 

3 – West Elm – Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelf
These floating shelves a re a little more rustic, which I’ve been into lately. I like that they can be easily incorporated into a an older home that you’re modernizing, but you still want to keep some old charm to the place. They’re also made from sustainably sourced wood. Available in 2-4 feet. 

4 – Urban Outfitters – Simple Floating Wood Wall Shelf 

The floating shelves from Urban Outfitters aren’t as thick as the other shelves mentioned in this round up, but if you just want to create a fun styling moment in your dining room or a corner in your kitchen, these could be a fun option. They’re also available in white and a natural wood tone. 

5 – Floating Wooden Shelves – The Home Depot
Home Depot has so many wooden shelves available for store pick up, in an array of colors and sizes for modern and classic kitchens. Chances are if you’re working on a home project, might as well get everything in one place and check out what they have available. The brackets included with these shelves are the same brackets used for the shelving throughout our home. 

 6 – Brighten Wood Shelves – Pottery Barn
Always love Pottery Barn. They lean a little more traditional than I would describe our home style, but there are so many pieces that can be used in an array of homes and with the right accessories your personality can really shine through. These shelves are very similar to the ones in our kitchen, listed as white oak just like the Rejuvenation ones, but with a bit more wood grain and rustic look to them.

Shop them all below:

6 comments on “Ready Made Open Shelving + Why We Love It”

  1. I LOVE your open shelving! I wish we could do it in our kitchen but it’s much smaller than yours and I need all my cabinets to hide all of our junk. If we ever move to a bigger space I would 100% love to do it!v

  2. I really love the look of open shelving–and as a short person, overhead cabinets never work for me. I would not have thought to look at etsy, so thank you!

  3. Hi Christina! I have been going crazy trying to find that ivory ceramic tea kettle that’s in the main photo. I’ve searched your website and googled different descriptions to no avail! This is an older post so not sure if you’ll see this comment. Would love to know where it’s from/what brand it is. Thank you for sharing your lovely home! It’s my main inspiration for my own home but then I infuse my own style and personality to it too. 🙂

      1. Oh wow thank you so much for taking the time to find me the link and reply, I so appreciate this. So excited for your new home and for you all to finally move into it (but probably not as excited as you 😉 )

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