The Best Family Christmas Pajamas 2020

Nov 18, 2020 | By New Darlings

best family christmas pajamas

holiday traditions

Matching Family Christmas Pajamas

One of our favorite Christmas traditions is matching holiday pajamas. I always bought Rob and I matching Christmas pjs when we were dating and first married and last year we got to get Oliver some cute matching pajamas too! Last year we had the Santa Gnome pajamas from Hanna Anderson. I loved them! We bought Ollie a matching gnome hat and well, what’s cuter than a baby in a gnome hat? This year I think we’re going to go with the deer pajamas because Oliver is obsessed with his knitted deer and carries it everywhere. I can’t wait for him to see the light up deer we have for the front of the house. I don’t think he noticed at all last year, but this year he is so much more engaged with everything!

best family christmas pajamas

matching christmas slippers

Matching Christmas Pajamas + Slippers

Anyway, we rounded up a bunch of the best Christmas pajamas on the web, below, along with some matching slippers and socks too. Our slippers above are from DearFoams and they’re so cozy! They have a plaid and checkered Mama Bear, Papa Bear and Baby Bear collection that we love. I’m all about twinning this time of year. 🙂 

Take a look below for the best Christmas pajamas, plus some neutral and Hannakuh ones too! 

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