Holiday Gift Guide 2020: For Your Parents and In-Laws

Nov 27, 2020 | By New Darlings

Holiday Gift Guide for Your Parents and In-Laws

I don’t know about you all, but. shopping for our parents and in-laws always stumps us. What do they really need or want? For some, our parents are downsizing, so extra stuff isn’t really needed or wanted and well most people aren’t doing too much traveling this year. Another bathrobe is probably not on their wishlist, so we rounded up a few items that have been on our radar for our own families. Hope these give you some ideas for your in-laws and parents too! Happy shopping! 

gift ideas for the in-laws

Read about our favorite gift ideas for your parents and in-laws:

1 – Sasawashi Room Shoes
We don’t wear shoes in our home (only for the occasional photo or two), so a pair of stylish and comfy slippers are always on our list. These beautiful breathable Japanese slippers are perfect for anyone who likes to cozy up at home.

2 – KitchenAid Odor-Absorbing Splatter Screen
You might be thinking a splatter screen isn’t a very exciting gift, but as someone who bought one of these for herself, let me tell you how life changing this has been. It has cut my clean up time in half and now my stove doesn’t look like a disaster after a nice home cooked meal. 

3 – Utility Objects Nagai Mug
Pretty ceramic mugs for the stylish coffee and tea lovers. 

4 – Vitruvi Essential Oil Diffuser
I might just put a Vitruvi diffuser on every gift guide, because I feel like its the perfect way to set a tone in your house. Want to relax? Diffuse some essential oils. Don’t want your house to stink up when cooking fish?  Get your vitruvi going. You get my point. (Use code: NEWDARLINGS for 20% off)

 5 – Novah Pitcher
Love how these handmade pitchers are inspired by the geometric forms of Bauhaus classics. A beautiful addition to any table or collector. 

 6 – The Daily Stone
As I was browsing this body butter by Kate Mcleod immediately caught my intention. I thought putting body cream on a gift guide for parents felt so predictable, but this beautifully packaged mixture of oils and body butter this bar would look so beautiful on a vanity and is handmade in Brooklyn. 

7 – Custom Calendar
Are your parents grandparents? Do they have fur babies? Do they just love seeing photos of you? Whatever it may be, create a custom calendar for them. If they have a sense of humor, maybe create a calendar of their “best photo-ops”. I like how this one is small profile, so it wont take up too much space.  

8 – Ceramic Candle Set
I’m all about multifunctional items, so candles in beautiful vessels always suck me in. After this pretty smelling candle has burned all the way through, the cup can be used for coffee, holding makeup brushes, matchsticks, etc. 

9 – Alexa Echo Dot
Why not? Alexa plays your music, sets reminders, looks up recipes. We’re into it and according to our parents, they are too. 

10 – Brightland Olive Oil Duo
Brightland has some of our favorite olive oils, and they look pretty on your counter too. We’ve gifted this set to our parents last year and well it just might be in their stockings again this year. Shh! 

11 – Amazon Kindle Paperweight
If your parents are avid readers or part of a bookclub, the Amazon Kindle feels like the way to go. You could also purchase books for them to download if they already have the tablet. 

12 – Bluebottle Coffee Subscription
Introducing our parents to our favorite coffee companies over the years has been so fun and something special to bond over. A coffee subscription is the gift that keeps on giving. 😉 

Shop all the gift ideas for your parents and in-laws below:

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