Mornings In The Desert: Enjoying the Outdoors during a Pandemic

Jul 27, 2020 | By New Darlings

Family Lifestyle Blog - Desert PhotoshootIt’s always a good weekend when the days start like this one. The other day, we got some much needed rain here in Phoenix, and we were so grateful for it. Our desert plants needed it, and the temperatures instantly dropped which we were so happy about. Since the pandemic hit, we have very rarely left our home.Family Lifestyle Blog - Desert PhotoshootFamily Lifestyle Blog - Desert Photoshoot
Family Lifestyle Blog - Desert Photoshoot

Enjoying the Outdoors During a Pandemic

This is probably the third time we have left our house and actually got out of our car. Another one of those trips was to Oliver’s pediatrician, and one other time we found another secluded trail in the desert. So yeah, these days have been rare, but we were feeling really good about getting outside for a bit on a beautiful morning. I was grateful for the fresh air and the views. We needed it. We found a remote trail, with no one else around and it was so good for our souls.Family Lifestyle Blog - Desert Photoshoot
Family Lifestyle Blog - Desert Photoshoot

Getting out with Little Ones

Little man was feeling pretty proud of himself, clutching onto those sunglasses and stomping all around the desert. It was his first time actually walking outside of our house, so it took us a minute to digest what we were seeing. Something about seeing your child walking in the wild really makes it all so real.Family Lifestyle Blog - Desert Photoshoot

Kids Change You for the Better

This pandemic has taught us a lot about ourselves. We’ve spent so much time at home with just the three of us. It’s given us a good look at who we are and who we want to be. That is all multiplied when you add a kid to the mix. You start to see the world the way they see it and you start to realize that they are ALWAYS looking and listening to you. Family Lifestyle Blog - Ace and Jig Outfit

Put all those things together and we have a force that really makes us want to be the best versions of ourselves: one that can lead by example and one that we can be proud of. Watching Oliver look up at the giant saguaros reminds us that this has all been here long before us, and it will all be here after we’re gone. We’re going to do our best to show this little guy what it looks like to respect the earth we walk upon.Family Lifestyle Blog - Desert Photoshoot

Christina: Ace & Jig top and bottom (this textile will be coming out in August!) | Everlane slides (similar) | Garrett Leight sunglasses | West Perro hat (similar)

Rob: Imogene & Willie tee and hat | J.Crew shorts | Yuketen Sandals | Moscot sunglasses

Oliver: Go Gently Nation tank (romper version) and shorts | Starry Knight shoes | Grech & Co sunglasses (similar) | Briar Baby bucket hat (similar)

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  1. in a couple weeks, it will be the five month anniversary of my husband and me beginning to quarantine. we both work from home so we’ve been quite isolated like you, too. we go for walks with masks, and sometimes hikes, but turn around when it seems like there’s a crowd. no family visits. no going in stores. no coffee dates. (all small prices to pay, considering what many are losing). in some ways, i feel like i’m losing reality. i miss taking my work to coffee shops (and also miss having work to actually do) and dates and exploring and seeing friends (though so many of them are going back to their normal lives, there’s been a developing resentment in me that i don’t know how to address). but my husband and i already spent every day together, were each other’s best friends, etc. and so this time together to grow even closer and refocus on what direction we want our life to go in has been a gift (though a scary one). it’s been really reaffirming to see you guys continuing to distance and stay at home. it can feel mentally isolating on top of the physical isolation when seemingly everyone else is going back to normal…but it just doesn’t feel safe to me. it feels selfish to me. so, thank you for that. for continuing to distance and sharing it. it makes me feel less alone. this was rambly. sorry.

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