Oliver’s 10 + 11 Month Update

Jun 15, 2020 | By New Darlings

11 mont baby update

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Well, we’ve officially been home for over three months now and Oliver’s birthday is just around the corner. I, like many parents, definitely didn’t think Oliver’s first year of life would be like this, spent away from so many people. The one on one time has been incredibly special, and I know we’ll look back on this time with a lot of good memories to go with it, but there are moments where Rob and I both feel so sad that Oliver hasn’t seen anyone else. However, Oliver has grown into such a happy, funny and energetic baby so everything is just fine! 

10 and 11 month development


At 10 months Oliver started taking his first steps! He has gotten so gutsy since his first few tippy-toe walks back and forth from Rob to myself. He’s always incredibly proud about it and yes, we still think it’s the greatest thing. He’s having longer stretches of little steps now, so that’s been fun to see. He’s gotten very fast at crawling all around the house, going from room to room, opening cabinets and going in baskets. We like to say “crawl, crawl, sit”, because he always does a speedy crawl, then sits up somewhere near a shelf or toy and gets to work. He’s definitely on the move and enjoying it. His independence is slowly flourishing, although he is still very clingy with us both, he has been very into crawling under the dining room table and chairs. 

10 month eating schedule10 month old baby updates


This kid loves to eat! We are going to start to wean him off formula soon and go to milk. We have been looking at a few milk alternatives and will share more soon, but for as much as he eats at meal time, Oliver still drinks a lot at each bottle. Decreasing the bottle freaks me out a bit, but he eats kid portions at each meal, so I’m hoping it will be fine. Oliver has started wiggling in his chair while he eats a food he enjoys. It’s the cutest thing to see. Last night he actually ate around his pasta to pick out his green beans. Rob and I had to hold in our laughs. He loves all his greens! Broccoli, peas, avocado, string beans, you name it! He also loves picking fresh mint from the garden with me each morning and chewing on a little piece. Rob has started calling him “Ollie mints” Ha! I can’t handle it He now has 7 teeth, with another one on the way! I can’t believe it! 

New Darlings Baby Updates New Darlings Baby Updates


It’s so funny how things change day by day. We had a week long stretch where Oliver was incredibly clingy. Every time we would sit down with him to play or read, he would throw himself in our laps and give us a big squeeze. Most of the time we think it’s really sweet, but we also want him to be able to play for a bit on his own and feel secure with us nearby. After a few days of being completely worn out and working with him to feel comfortable, he started playing independently again. It was almost like he heard us talking and was trying to show off. I really love all the squeezes and cuddles, and he’s been extra cuddly at night, which I appreciate, because for a while he was almost launching himself from my arms into his crib at night. We’ve definitely had a few proud moments the last few days seeing him reach for his books and toys on his own. Rob and I just sit and watch and whisper, “do you see this?” … “look at him”.

10 and 11 month baby developments


I could definitely write a full post on our Montessori journey so far, but I’ll share a few actives Oliver has been loving. We have always had a low shelf in his room, so that he can reach for toys on his own, but we recently added this low profile shelf (use code NEWDARLINGS for 10% off) in the living room as well, and it’s been a game changer. We still use MontiKids and have been incorporating some materials from their level 4 kit to mix. I recently shared an easy DIY activity on IG (see the video here), with q-tips and a cheese shaker – great for fine motor skills. This has kept Ollie very busy. The peg board, rolling balls (and throwing them into baskets), and the ring stacker are still favorites as well. Oliver was gifted this little peg and hammer wooden set that he’s grown fond of. Once he started using it, we started to sing “Dig dig dig” (from Snow White & the 7 Drawfs), and now every time he plays with it he says “Dig! Dig!” We get a really kick out of it! Ha! He’s recently showed an interest in vehicles and rolling toys on the floor, like this small car. Watching him crawl and push these tiny toys along with him is giving us real big kid vibes. It also makes me a little sad – he’s not a baby anymore. 

11 months baby update


Pointing to the plants in the house and the moon in the sky, waving at every car and person that passes by, saying “chisss” (cheese), seem to be a few of his favorite things. It’s hard to tell what the big changes have been from 10 to 11 months, but it’s clear he’s growing, developing and becoming more happy (and energetic) by the day and that’s all we could ask for.

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