8 Influencers & Creatives to Follow on Instagram

Jun 03, 2020 | By New Darlings

Instagram has given us an incredible job and way to support our family, but most importantly it has given us a voice and a platform. With almost half a million of you following along with us, trusting us, and looking to us for recommendations on everything from products to home decor and sharing bits of family life in between, we wanted to turn the focus to some amazing Black creators. Scroll down to read about and follow along some of these accounts, not just because they are Black, but because they are incredibly talented, creative, and can offer a different perspective on some of the things you love and seek out on instagram daily. Some of these are accounts we have followed along with for quite some time, and some are new to us, but all are creatives that inspire us and we think you’ll find something special on their pages too.

African Boheme Influencers to Follow


With a love for vintage and the color yellow, Sunshine’s wanderlust page is beyond beautiful and inspiring. I’m so glad I found her account filled with moments in motherhood and swoon-worthy travel inspiration, along with sustainable bohemian style. Her photos make me excited for future travels with our little guy. 

Janea Brown Influencers to Follow


I recently came across Janea’s page and was instantly drawn to her home decor style. Hello, beautiful natural tones, pampas, and brass accents! She has such a feel good account & her plant lady status is on a whole other level…definitely a lady I’d want to grab coffee and go shopping with.

Montessori Madre - Influencer Accounts to Follow

@montessori_madre is a beautiful Montessori led account, sharing inspiring and respectful parenting to adorable 19-month old “Papa”. We are big fans of the Montessori approach and it’s accounts like this one that get us excited about parenthood and encouraging learning through play.

Colormecourtney - Influencer Accounts to Follow


For as infectious as her spirit & positive personality is, Courtney’s work ethic is something Rob and I speak about often. We met Courtney several years ago on a blogger trip and were excited to find out she grew up in Arizona. Now living in New York with her hilarious fiancé, Paris, the two are constantly putting together fun stop-motion videos (if you’ve ever attempted one, you know how long that takes) and coming up with new content around the clock. We couldn’t admire her more.

Trinity Sierra Influencers to Follow


Trinity has two little ones and shares thoughtful, reflective posts on motherhood and being a wife. As a new mom, I appreciate her vulnerability and honesty. It’s never easy putting your heart out there and Trinity does it with such ease and grace in her posts and through her YouTube videos. Also, if you’re into neutrals, like we are, she shares some of the cutest outfits for kids and home decor.

Kaehope Influencers to Follow


Kae is a friend from here in Arizona and one of the first people we met through IG many moons ago. Her compassion and gentle heart are easy to see through her posts. She’s a mama too and I enjoy seeing how she balances work and home life: something we are all constantly trying to do. I always love when she shares a look into her daily routine and her time management skills — what she can get done during her kiddo’s nap inspires me.

Stylefitfatty Influencers to Follow


Fatima is a mama to four who is definitely fitness goals. She amazes me with how she balances it all: a super cute home, a lovely family of 6, and a very calming presence on social media. Since becoming a mom, I’m constantly thinking about the accounts I come across on social media and I ask myself: “Would I want to hang with her and our kiddos?” Fatima is one of those ladies who I would love to just sit at the playground with and chat.

Micaéla Verrelien


Micaéla is a New York fashion and beauty blogger who originally caught my eye with her beautiful, warm feed and fun apartment, but after diving deeper into her feed it’s clear her account is more than amazing outfits. She started a #LOVETOHEARTIT live series ft different creatives in the industry. I can’t wait to dive into all of them! 


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