Baby Registry Essentials

Feb 07, 2020 | By Christina

Neutral Registry Essentials It’s been seven months now since Oliver has been born but I figured it was about time I shared our baby registry essentials. I didn’t have a baby shower, however we created a registry with BabyList to keep track of everything we wanted to buy for Oliver. It was so fun planning everything out and thinking about what he may use and love. We really wanted to keep everything neutral and classic, so if you’re looking for a neutral baby registry, you’re in the right place.

Neutral Baby Registry Essentials

Below I rounded up some of our most used baby items, that I think are essential registry items for newborns. We still get use out of all of the items below even now with Oliver being 7 months old. We were very strategic about what we brought into our home. We did not want a ton of baby items: it wasn’t/still isn’t necessary and Oliver has done just fine without swings, bouncy chairs, etc. A good activity mat for extra padding and a few simple toys have done the trick. Check out the items below to see what I would recommend to any friend expecting their first (or second 😉 ) baby.

New Darlings Baby Registry Essentials

    I spoke all about the SNOO, basinet in a full sleep post HERE, but if we ever had another baby I think we would use it again. Oliver had such a smooth transition to the crib at 5 months and I think the SNOO had a lot to do with that. It also helped us get some long stretches of sleep in from the beginning. We used the Sleepea swaddle with the bassinet and on their own when Oliver napped in his crib or out and about. I feel like these are the only swaddles you need — super easy to use with a velcro and zipper.
    The Frida Bundle of Joy kit has everything for mama’s recovery plus everything you’ll need for baby. This was such a lifesaver after Oliver was born and I was healing. It also comes with all those baby essentials, like a thermometer, nail clipper, etc.
    We wanted to make sure that any fabric that came in contact with Oliver was chemical free and as natural as possible. I came across these Egyptian cotton burp clothes and have reordered a few after leaving some behind on outings. They are a little pricey, but they feel amazing and have never irritated Oliver’s skin.
    When I was pregnant we were so obsessed with watching at this video about the Stokke high chair. Well 7 months in and it really is that great, guys! We used this infant seat attachment until he was about 5 months and then moved him to the upright seat. We purchased the tray for it, but I kind of wish I didn’t because we love pulling the highchair right up to the table with us for Oliver during meals, and haven’t use the tray at all. It’s also not bulky like traditional high chairs. I’d rate the Stokke high chair a 10 out of 10, definitely a registry essential.
    I was nervous to use a travel crib for the first time, just because Oliver got so used to sleeping in his crib, however Oliver did great in the Lotus Travel Crib. The mattress isn’t too cushiony, it kind of takes on whatever surface it is put on, so after reading some reviews we decided to put a thick blanket UNDER the entire crib (not in the crib), just so that it’s a little more comfortable. I really like how it folds up into a backpack and is very compact. We’ve just done some local overnight. trips, but I feel like this would be great to travel with on a plane if you needed to, and throw. its in the overhead compartment.
    Oliver ditched the pacifier around 5 months but we still use pacifier clips daily for teething rings. He also loves to just chew on the beads. Teething is in full effect, guys! However, when he did use a pacifier, he loved THESE.
    Love love love the Nuna Mixx Stroller! We were able to use it with our car seat with this attachment, making it super easy during those very early months when Oliver would nap while we were out. Another plus is that it’s very light and easy to fold up and throw in the trunk.
    We used the Baby Bjorn bouncer for a quite a while with Oliver. It was the only “gadget” we got for in the house. We didn’t buy a swing or any other activity center/seat. I liked that this moved with the motion Oliver would create by kicking his legs or bouncing on his own. It didn’t vibrate or have any buttons, etc. He would sit in this while I would blow dry my hair, or play with a book, look outside etc. The best part about it is that it folds flat for easy storage. We would just put it under his crib when not in use.
    Before I had Ollie, I had no upper body strength at all so the thought of lugging around a big carseat kind of made me nervous. I was originally attracted to the Nuna PIPA Lite carseat for how light it is, but it is such a safe and stylish option. I feel confident every time we put Oliver in it and it has been so easy to adjust the straps as he grows.
    The Nanit Baby Monitor has been such an incredible item in our nursery. I spoke about it a bit in our Safe Sleep Essentials post HERE, and as time goes on I just discover more and more helpful features. It has a very useful app, that I use everyday and night to keep an eye on Oliver. It tracks his sleep cycles, movement throughout the crib at night, offers helpful schedule suggestions. I can’t rave about this one enough.
    This neutral animal playmat gets used daily around here. It has some fun rattles, mirrors, etc which helps when baby is resisting tummy time, ha!Neutral Baby Registry
    I think It takes some time to figure out what baby carrier is right for you, but a carrier is so great to have. while being on the go. I loved the Solly Baby wrap during Oliver’s early days.  It is soft and not bulky at all, especially for so much material. As time goes on and Ollie wants a bit more freedom, but still wants to be close and be held, we’ve been liking the Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Free. The material is super lightweight for such a sturdy carrier, which is really important living in the desert here. 🙂
    The Hatch Baby Grow changing pad was one of those silly fancy baby items we wanted from the start, but with Ollie being so tiny from birth, it was great to keep track of his weight in those very early months. Hatch also sells matching washable waterproof pads for atop the pad. I will say they are quite slippery and don’t have the best grip, but easy to just throw in the wash if you have a poop explosion. This also made me remember one of the most important registry items: a sound machine! Ours is also through Hatch Baby and I absolutely love. it. We’ve taken it with us on every overnight trip and you can control all the settings from your phone/easily from bed!
    Between Oliver’s reflux and then constant drooling with teething, we needed bibs to be on during all waking hours. Bibdanas to the rescue! I scooped up a pack of neutrals, and use them on rotation. Makes for a cute outfit accessory too.
    We’ve used this baby bath up until Oliver turned seven months. I think we may continue to use it in the big tub until we find a nonslip mat for our bathtub. Oliver did so great in this baby tub from as early as a week old. The arch really helped keep his little body up during the newborn phase.  It makes me so sad to see how he’s beginning to outgrow it, but it has served us well. You can read more about our BATHTIME routine, HERE.

**I curated some of our favorite baby items on our Amazon Page HERE. Everything is broken down into categories to make it easier too! For more recommendations click HERE.


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