A Fall Day at the Park

Nov 07, 2019 | By New Darlings

Family Lifestyle PhotosA Day at the Park

This past weekend we packed up some blankets and baby toys, picked up some sandwiches from one of our Phoenix favorites: Bianco, and headed to the park. We met our friends Matt and Leah there with their new sweet baby Max, and just spent the afternoon chatting and strolling with the babes. It’s so funny how conversations have shifted since becoming parents…

“How his sleeping?”

“What’s his poop like?”

“Remember that concert from a few years ago…oh it was only last year? Man, that felt like a long time ago.” 

…it’s pretty comical at times.

Lifestyle Photos at the ParkIt’s so special getting to go through this new stage of life with two of our closest friends. I have mentioned it before, but becoming parents and taking care of little ones feels pretty impossible without your community. I think that’s why they used to say “It takes a village”, because well, it kind of does. Working from home, Rob and I are with Oliver 24/7 and although sometimes it feels like a juggling act, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Spending time with friends who “get it” and who are experiencing all the same ups and downs has been so amazing and helpful. I think that’s why we love taking Oliver with us everywhere as well…to our favorite coffee shops and restaurants. He sees some of our favorite people every day. He interacts with them and gets to know the places and people that has made Arizona feel like home to us.

Family Lifestyle Photos

Janessa Leone Hat | Tradlands Shirt | Madewell Jeans | Nisolo boots (old — but there’s a newer version HERE)

I think that’s why I love Phoenix so much. There’s some pretty darn good people here. It’s crazy to think these two boys will grow up together and play in this park together. Who knows, maybe even sneak behind our backs out to a party together? Well I hope not, but hey, you never know.

Family Lifestyle Photos

We need more park days like this one in our lives. It’s pretty clear Oliver loves the outdoors and we love seeing how much he looks at all the trees in wonder. Fall is in the air here and we’re all about it!

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