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Sep 10, 2019 | By Robert

Mens Wavy Hairstyles - Styling long hair

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When Oliver was born, I started to think about everything differently. I started to see myself the way I thought he saw me. It was (and still is) all new to him. How do I want him to look back at these early days on our family of three. How would I want to look in those memories? All of these weird, irrational thoughts started creeping into my mind. One day I looked into the mirror, and I said to Christina, “I’m going to stop cutting my hair.”

I’ve been cutting my hair pretty much the same way since we moved to Phoenix. That feels like a long time to look the same way. 6 years. I had this thought that I’d probably look like this forever. Maybe that isn’t the worst thing, but for the first time in a long time, I wanted to change things up. I guess when the world around you is changing at such a rapid pace, you try to change with it. So that’s what I decided to do.
Mens Wavy Hairstyles - Styling long hair
For years, we’ve looked back at those early 70s photos of Paul and Linda McCartney on their Scottish farm. The open land, the animals, their baby, family of 3, her long hair, his long hair, and the beard. It was so exciting to see their little family on this new, post-Beatle journey and it has always inspired us to keep changing, keep things new, and make meaningful memories with family.
It’s been really freeing to let things go lately. With a newborn, you have to learn to let go a bit, and we’ve definitely been doing that. Picking our battles, shrugging things off, and prioritizing the important things.
Mens Wavy Hairstyles - Styling long hairAnyway, so the “new” hair, haha. I had long hair when I first met Christina and as we approach our 15th year together, it only felt right to bring it back 😉 I’ve been using Harry’s hair products to keep it long, but styled. With a beard, it’s almost too easy to look disheveled, so it was important to me that while the top grows, it looks intentional. To keep the natural look in tact, I’ve been using Harry’s Taming Cream on the top and the Texturizing Putty to create a part on the side. I love that the products are at my local Target and, so if I’m running low, I can just grab some at the store. It’s been so fun to watch my long style come back after all these years of keeping it reaaaal close. We’ll see what happens. We can’t wait for Oliver’s hair to get long and wild sooner than later too!
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  1. Quite possibly the cutest and best-looking couple to exist. Found you through Pinterest and am enjoying your photography skills, unique personal styles, and on point grooming!

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