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May 13, 2019 | By Christina

Nesting 32 Weeks PregnantClothes Dividers | Wooden Milestone Blocks | Montessori Toys

Nesting has completely taken over our household. Purging the closets, giving things away, selling extra furniture I’ve been holding onto, organizing the linen closet…the list goes on. I had a burst of energy last weekend and we got to work.

Nesting Getting the Nursery Ready

Today we have the team from California Closets here helping us organize and make the best use of the baby’s closet. The nursery is a good size, but the closet is a bit awkward, measuring 43 inches by 19 inches with a tiny door (about 23 inches wide — the doors in older homes tend to be more narrow), so we wanted to make use of every inch. At first I was just going to put in some pre-made shelving or storage cubes, but with the house being from 1930, the dimensions are just so awkward. This way we will be able to make use of all the space with multiple shelves, clothing rods, and be able to store his baby gear. There’s a little before photo above.

I’m so excited to wash all his clothes and get the closet organized. I know babies don’t really need a nursery, at least not for a bit, but it’s been so special seeing his little room come together and pick out all the pieces with Rob. I can’t wait to share more about it.

Boho Minimal Desert BedroomMinimal Dressert Styling

Paddywax Mesa Candles | Boob Print by Julia Heffernan

We’ve moved some things around in the bedroom as well. Freshened up the space with a lighter palette and its been so nice waking up in this room lately. We brought in some favorite books from the living room and I pulled out some prints and photos that were just sitting in a closet. It’s nice to move things around every now and then and rediscover some favorite pieces.

New Darlings Backyard Home Updates

We’ve also been doing a lot of work in the yard. Transitioning some flowers to succulents in our planters as it gets hotter here in the desert. The vines on the back of our house are starting to grow too which has been nice to see. We trained them with an old trellis that was left behind by the previous owners. They used to be in a garden bed with grape plants, but the grapes never sprouted so we repurposed them.

Desert Backyard PatioThat’s kind of how we’re starting off our Monday over here, continuing to organize and prep for baby. It’s been nice to be home these last few months and just melt into our home again. I know we’ll be looking to escape come August with the triple digit temps, so for now we’re really soaking it all in.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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