We’re Having A Baby! How We Found Out + How We Told Our Family

Jan 08, 2019 | By Christina

Pregnancy AnnouncementWell by now most of you have probably seen our pregnancy announcement on Instagram, but if not…we will be having a sweet little baby come July! Words cannot describe how excited we are!! It truly feels surreal and we are just so grateful for this next stage in our lives together.

The photo above is from mid October when we got that exciting second pink line! I was testing a few days early leading up to my period, checking every pregnancy app and calendar, and although it was probably too early to test (like three days before my missed period) I just couldn’t wait any longer. I had a feeling about that month and just went for it. I remember feeling so completely giddy once the second line appeared. I wouldn’t walk out of the bathroom disappointed this time. Leading up to this point, Rob always knew when I was taking a pregnancy test, we had been trying for a few months, but this time I just made my way to the bathroom early in the morning and didn’t say anything to him. So when the test came back positive, I wanted to tell him in a clever, yet not over the top way. I don’t know why, but my first thought was to put the pregnancy test in the medicine cabinet right by our tweezers, scissors, other odds and ends, and then ask Rob where the tweezers were. So strange I know…I was thinking on the fly and thought it was simple and cute and that it would offer a fun surprise.

So I walked out of the bathroom and tried to wipe the crazy smile off my face for a single minute. “Rob, do you know where the tweezers went?” He looked at me puzzled and was like: “They’re right there on the shelf in the medicine cabinet.” I told him I couldn’t find them and so he came in the bathroom to help me look. Oh my gosh I wish I had a hidden camera in the medicine cabinet. Rob opened the cabinet and scooped up everythinggggg on the shelf, scissors, nail clippers, hair clips, andddd the PREGNANCY TEST in one hand, while he proceeded to hand me the tweezers in another. I couldn’t believe it! I just started cracking up so hard! I was like: “Rob, what’s in your hand?” To which he replied, “The tweezers…”. “No Rob, your other hand…” And then I’ll never forget how he looked down at his hand, then at me, then at the pregnancy test and then at me and… “Really?! Oh my gosh! Are you serious!? Oh my god, Christina!”

It was awkward and sweet all rolled into one and simply the best morning. We cried and hugged and I couldn’t have imagined it any other way. We couldn’t take our eyes off that stick…haha! We decided to keep the news to just ourselves for a while, as it was super early on. It felt like the best secret, just the two of us knowing and everyday talking about it. It’s strange how that almost feels so long ago now.

(^^ Not the most flattering photo, but pure joy!)

That weekend we took a short trip up to Flagstaff. It was so nice to be in the fresh air together and take it easy. We took another pregnancy test while we were there, just to make sure, this time the digital kind (we were so nervous it may not be true) and just when we thought we couldn’t get more giddy, we proved ourselves wrong in the best way. A work trip to DC was on the books just a few days later, so we packed up and headed there for a few days where we experienced the cold, and my first taste of early pregnancy cramps. The early mornings were a little tough, as I just wanted to stay in bed, but thankfully I didn’t get sick. I just felt a little nauseous and not at my usual energy level, but I was thankful I wasn’t experiencing full-blown morning sickness.

Pregnancy AnnouncementHOW DID WE TELL OUR FAMILIES
We went over a million ways to share the news with our family, and went back and forth another million times as to when we should share the news. It wasn’t so much that we wanted to keep a secret, we just are very cautious people and knew we hadn’t even been to the doctor yet, so just wanted to be on the safe side. I know everyone is different, but that’s where our heads were at personally. With that appointment on the calendar we thought we’d wait till then. Then on my birthday we ended up both chatting with my parents. They’re usually never on the phone together and it somehow just felt like the right time, even though we hadn’t been to the doctor yet. We were sending them photos of the house progress at that point, and told them we had one more photo of the house to send. We sent them one of the photos of us with the pregnancy test and it was so funny waiting for them to receive the text. While we were talking we heard their text chime go off and then…

Mom: “Oh my gosh….wait! No way!”
Dad: “I knew it! I knew it was coming!”

It was a pretty fun way to share the news. We ended up doing the same with Rob’s parents and I love how sweet and simple it was. Both grandparents-to-be are pretty excited about the news!

Our first doctor’s appointment was on November 15th (our dating anniversary) and it was the first time we got to see this little nugget up close. (Above at 7 weeks.) We left the office with such a sigh of relief that everything looked good and with so much gratitude. It was all real! It is all real. This is really happening!

We can’t wait for what’s to come and to share this journey with you guys! We are due on July 2nd. Thank you so much for all of your overwhelming support on instagram and the kind messages. We have read every single one of them and they have truly warmed our hearts. It’s been such a special time for us!

Until the next update! XO

19 comments on “We’re Having A Baby! How We Found Out + How We Told Our Family”

  1. What a beautiful blog post! You guys made me cry and laugh! So beautiful! Becoming parents is the most beautiful thing in the world! From the moment you know you are pregnant you love that little baby inside of you so much! Looking forward to the next blog post. ❤️👶🏻

  2. Aww! Congratulations! My husband and I are currently trying as well, hopefully we get some good news too 🙂

  3. Still so extremely thrilled for you all! Being parents is the best. I told my husband a very simple way as well. He came home from work (to me and our dog) and said “there are my two babes” and I replied with “3 babes” and he just knew. It was such a joyous time for us 💕 I already love yalls blog so much, the travel, home inspo, and fashion, but following you all in this journey is going to be so much fun. ☺️ I wish you three a happy and healthy pregnancy ❤️

  4. Your pregnancy blog post is so adorable and sweet! Congratulation to both of you! I know you both are going to be the best mommy and daddy to that sweet baby. Having a baby is the must wonderful feeling in the world!!!! So happy for you guys!

    1. Hi guys, I know it’s personal but did you guys tried for a longer time? I’m already trying 2 years and I really feel like it’s never gonna happen. 🙁 Congratulations to you both for the second time,I am very excited for your baby!

  5. Awwww! Congrats with your little ‘newest darling’ on the way! It is such a wonderful time, enjoy it to the fullest! Wishing you guys all the best.

  6. So happy for you guys, you’re like the cutest couple ever.🌸I’ve been following you a while now and although I don’t you personally I love reading your posts and adventures, I literally had a happy tear roll down my face when I read you guys were expecting. Now you’ll be a family of 4 🙌🙏with your doggy too x x

  7. Oh! I got teary eyed reading this and I don’t even know you in real life. Lol. I’m so excited for you! We are going to try this year ourselves. Very exciting! Congratulations you two!

  8. That blog post really made me smile so big!
    Your little baby girl or boy will have such lovely parents and a beautiful home filled with love.
    I’m just sitting on my couch and it’s the first time ever that I’m commenting on a blog.
    I discovered your blog some weeks ago and I really do like it. I’d also like to hear about how you guys met and fell in love 🙂

    Basically I just wanted you to know that you have fans in Germany as well 🙂

  9. Thank you for sharing that with us!
    What a beautiful blog post! I am very happy for you and congratulations again!

  10. Hey Christina,
    Sorry for the question but did you take birth control? Im 30 now and Im feeling like I need to stop tanking it now.. Anxious that It will take too long to get pregnant then..

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