Christmas Time 2018

Dec 30, 2018 | By Christina

His: Club Monaco Sweater | J.Crew Shirt | Frame Denim | Octobre Boots (similar) | Penfield Jacket
Hers: J.Crew Cape (this one is cute too!) and Turtleneck | H&M boots (similar) | Madewell Denim | Madewell Beret 

This holiday season was definitely a crazy one and whirlwind of emotions. Early in December, I mentioned to Rob how I’ve been missing winter in New York. We always spent so much time in the city during this time of year back in the day; weekends in Central Park, catching a show at Bowery Ballroom, seeing the Rockettes, the beautiful storefronts and the Rockefeller Christmas tree. I was feeling nostalgic to say the least. There was a bit of back and forth about what my family would be doing for the holidays, whether they would be visiting AZ or staying in Florida, so when we found out everyone would be staying put I figured: we finished all of our deadlines for 2018, let’s just go have a very Christmassy holiday in New York (along with everyone else who had the same idea 😉 ). Ha! So we used our airline points and booked a trip to NY for the 21st.

Before sharing anymore, I just wanted to say the holidays can be tough for a lot of people….I know things always look so rosey on the internet for so many people, but I always feel like the holidays bring up a lot of emotions for many families (myself included) and it can be tough. If the holidays didn’t pan out how you may have imagined, or you didn’t get to see your family, or Christmas dinner turned into a tense environment, just remember, we’re all dealing with something on some level and you’re not alone. I like to remind myself this gently with a little chuckle from the gif below…

Before we left, we spent some time with our good friends Matt & Leah – seriously we’re so thankful for those two. I don’t know what we would do without them. We enjoyed some dinner at Welcome Diner in Phoenix, headed back to our place to make hot cocoa and grab some snacks, and then headed to the Illuminations light show to see all the Christmas lights! After mentioning the show to Leah a few days prior, she messaged me saying:

“My mom has a convertible and it could be really so fun to go in that and put the top down and bring blankets and we can sit on the back like beauty queens in a parade. Just an idea, I thought I’d throw it out there.” 

This is the ridiculous type of stuff we like to do during the holidays…we’re well aware it’s silly, so you could imagine the series of gifs (we love gifs around here) that were exchanged in our couples group chat: lots of excitement, weird pageant style gifs and a few Mariah Carey Christmas ones too. It was so fun and just what we needed to alleviate the stress of the holidays.

Here’s another photo of us toasting our hot cocoa and me hanging on to Leah’s leg for dear life because I was convinced I was going to fall out of the car. (it’s okay to chuckle!)

His: Nordstrom Sweater | J.Crew Chambray | Frame Denim | Mr.P Shoes
Hers: Madewell Sweater and Jeans | Atlantic-Pacific x Halogen Shoes (on sale!)

Rob and I exchanged presents early before our last minute trip and it was still just as special. Thankfully, we were ahead of the game with some of our shopping this year, so everything arrived on time!

The morning of the 21st we headed to New York. We packed Henry up in his little carrier with some treats and a shared suitcase for us and headed to the airport. I was a little nervous about flying with Henry. Some of you may remember a bit about his training and social issues, but he was such a champ. We got superrrr lucky on our way to NY and had an open seat next to us, so he was able to hang out right by us with his travel bag open, just relaxing. Some of you asked on IG stories for tips with traveling with a dog and I’m not going to lie, we didn’t do a lot of prep. Henry likes being curled up in small spaces and cuddled cozy, so he adapted to his travel bag really well. We picked up all-natural relaxers for him and gave him one on our way to the airport, which he chewed up super enthusiastically like it was the best treat of all time. He’s a weird little one, but cute!

The next few days in New York were spent catching up with Rob’s family, we met our new little niece Angelina (she’s so cute), and we spent time doing all the Christmassy things in the city.

Rockefeller Christmas TreeRockefeller Christmas Tree

The day before Christmas Eve we went to see the Rockettes and my heart was so full. I used to go all the time as a kid with my family, and went with Rob back in our dating days. It’s always so special…seeing all the costumes, and the music, even all the talk about Santa and the magic of Christmas still gets me as an adult. I think it gives us that warm feeling we’re all yearning for this time of year.

Christmas in New York Radio City Music HallEverlane Sweater | Kate Spade Dress (similar skirt alternative here) | Free People Beret

So, I sat at Radio City Music Hall with happy tears in my eyes and wishing the show wouldn’t end. Afterwards we headed to dinner at L’Amico – I could not recommend the restaurant enough! We’re a little out of touch with the NY scene nowadays, but this place did not disappoint. If you’re a seafood lover, don’t pass up the octopus or salmon! Rob had the chicken, which was equally as good, and oh my gosh, the amount of dessert we ate was ridiculous, but I was so happy.

Best Restaurants in NYCDefinitely my favorite day in such a long time! As I finished my gelato and tiramisu (don’t judge) I felt super thankful for a husband who goes along with my crazy ideas (and who also isn’t keen on crowded cities) to spend time in NY during the busiest season of the year and plan a special evening together.

Pink Christmas Decorations

We’re back in Arizona now and in a cleaning frenzy we took down all of our Christmas decorations early and have been organizing like crazy, getting things sorted for the new year. I truly hope each of you had a special holiday and you felt loved – that’s what it’s all about in the end.

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  1. I am so glad you all were able to go back to NY and enjoy the holidays there! Sounds like you had a lovely time in Arizona and NY! Loving all the pics! Hope y’all have a very happy new year!

  2. Love this blog post! Beautiful photos in AZ and NY. Loved all the outfits, and lights shows! Wishing you both the happiest new year!

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