Home Renovation Update + Some Hiccups Along the Way

Nov 09, 2018 | By New Darlings

“I’ll light the fire while you place the flowers in the vase that you bought today.”

Ah, the simple things. We have really been missing those. We are just about to hit day 200 in our renovation and thought it would be fun to do a little update about that. This will probably be the final update before we get back in there and start to decorate again. Before we dive into this all…woah! Who are those kids in that first photo? It’s hard to believe that was TWO WHOLE YEARS AGO! That was us on move-in day, which also just so happened to be Rob’s birthday! Crazy! It makes us realize just how much this house has changed.
Did you ever grind down your original 1930’s hardwood only to find big, black, pet urine stains all over the house? Yeah, us neither. Uh, except, yeah…we did. Ha! A couple weeks back we ran into this strange issue and got a call from our contractor to check it out. We were soooo upset that something so silly (and expensive) would come up so late in the renovation. It forced us to replace so much of the floor in the house. It added about a week or so to the project and money we didn’t intend on spending, but it’s over, they look great and we move onward! This is where it came in handy to have extra put aside in the budget. This was definitely that “just in case” moment in budgeting coming to life.
I don’t believe we’ve mentioned this yet, but about halfway through the renovation we decided to have our master bathroom re-tiled. I know, I know… Just like our kitchen, the master bathroom was tiled poorly the first time around and we had some plumbing issues since our first quick-fix renovation. After some debate and deliberation, we decided to just go ahead and do it while everything else in the house was a mess. Again, we spent money we didn’t expect to, but we know now that it’s being done right and we can move ahead feeling good about the space with everything working and done correctly.
(^^ This was after they ripped up all the floor boards to replace the floors due to those pesky stains…but at least you can see the globe lighting in the dining room.)
When we went to Paris in April to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary we stayed at the Grand Boulevards Hotel. We came back to Phoenix and couldn’t get those interiors out of our head. The blushes, and teals, and velvets, and yes, globe lighting. We were so inspired by the style and partnered with Schoolhouse to add some globe lighting to our home. We love the warm glow the opal shades provide and we’re so happy with how they are looking. It was important for us to have a cohesive space from room to room and we think we’ve accomplished that.
Below are some of the globe lighting pieces you’ll see in the new space, along with some other fun ones we liked:
How to make a built in bookcase How to make a built in bookcaseBOOK CASE
We shared a sneak peek of this huge project on Instagram, and we can’t wait to share the whole thing in the coming months. This piece was one of our favorites to work on throughout these last 7 months and it’s going to be so fun to design and decorate the shelves with books and special pieces we’ve collected over the years. We worked with the incredibly talented team over at Affinity Kitchens for this one and it’s a beautiful addition to our home. The photos above show it during install…can’t wait to show you guys how they built the top into the coved ceilings to make it look like it was truly part of the home.
We’ve surely tackled quite a bit through these last 200 days and we’re juuuuust about done. We’ll be sharing bits and pieces of rooms so soon, but stay tuned for official room reveals and details over the next few months. Sharing posts from our home is what we love most about this blog and we can’t wait to get back to it as soon as we move back into our home. Stay tuned!
Anyone have any crazy renovation stories? Please share them with us!!!
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12 comments on “Home Renovation Update + Some Hiccups Along the Way”

  1. Looks great and looking forward to the reveal. Could you share the bathroom tile source? It is very different then the last that installed. Can you share your thought process.

  2. Love what you 2 have done with the place so far! It looks super cute. We just finished a crazy renovation to an old Tempe bar and restaurant. We pulled out almost 1,000 crazy deteriorated decorations, hunted for artwork supposedly left by Vonn Dutch who used to pay his tab with paintings, had 2 people go to the ER, visitations by a legendary ghost named Steve who has supposedly been in the building for decades, and hours of wild stories about the remodel. The final product turned out pretty cool though! We hope you get a chance to check it out :). @azsocialhall

  3. Love what you have done! We are doing our kitchen as well. What color white paint did you choose? For some reason that has been the hardest thing to pick for me 🙂

  4. Those pet stains are the absolute worst. We had the same thing happen to us! I was shocked that they were able to sink so deep beneath the carpet 🙁 We ended up replacing the floor boards and the carpet, and now whenever we our dog has any kind of accident (or we have any spill for that matter) we immediately call our local carpet cleaner. Best of luck with the continued remodeling! It looks great!

  5. Oh no!!! That is every homeowners worse nightmare. Sorry you had to deal with the pet messes…especially on wood floors. When we moved into our home there were spots in our basement from the previous owners pets. Thankfully it was just carpet. Before ripping it out I had a company who specializes in pet urine and odor removal come out and thankfully they were able to get it all out. I can’t imagine the frustration though!!

  6. Thanks, very useful information ! We truly appreciate your post! We are now doing our first major kitchen remodeling in ri, as it really needs it since we have lived in our apartment for 5 years after moving into here from Boston ma. Keep posting good content like this.

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