A Few Things

Nov 04, 2018 | By Robert

Sezane Floral Skirt

We love a good list. We like making them and reading them, so we figured we’d make our own today with a few things we’ve really been enjoying over here lately.

1 – Oscar season. We love seeing all the Oscar contenders this time of year. Every October through December we try to go to the movies at least once a week to catch a movie that’s been getting a lot of buzz. Some of our favorites this year have been Eighth Grade, BlacKkKlansman, A Simple Favor, A Star is Born, First Man, and Wildlife. We’re hoping to catch Beautiful Boy this week.

2 – These mugs from Anthropologie caught our eye while shopping the other day and they are currently sitting in our cart waiting patiently for us to make a move.

Floral Skirt and tea

Sezane skirt | A Victorian Flower Dictionary | ASOS Sweater | Monsieur Necklace

3 – Being Home! Don’t hold us to this, but we think we’ll be home for the remainder of 2018. We could very well be on a trip next week, but at this very moment, we have no travel dates on the calendar and we think it might stay that way. We’re so close to getting back in our house and with the holidays coming up, it will be nice to get reacquainted with our space and things. We’ll see!

4 – This album has been a favorite this year and we really haven’t been able to stop listening to it. Some of you have asked about us making more Spotify playlists, but we were waiting for this album to stop being the only thing we listen to before we do that 😉

5 – Everlane’s new arrivals. We have always been big Everlane fans, but their new arrivals section filled with boots, cozy sweaters, and outerwear is right on the money. They are one of those brands that just clicks with both of us and we love their approach to honest marketing. Transparent, well made, and stylish!

Well that’s all for now. Happy Sunday, guys!

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3 comments on “A Few Things”

  1. Ugh, isn’t Everlane THE BEST!!? I’ve been a fan since they just sold t shirts. And it’s so funny you mention those tea cups. I have been going through some of my favorite sites and stocking up my cart in preparation for after thanksgiving day sales 😏

  2. I love those Cups! And i love the Anthropologie Store, They have precious things. There are some stoppers for wine bottles made of agatha ….. dream of them..XD. Great post! GOOD WEEK!

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