How to Celebrate Your Partner, After Several Years Together…

Oct 29, 2018 | By New Darlings

Couples Diner PhotoshootIt sometimes feels like the world is spinning faster each day. That dizzy feeling rings even more true the longer you’re with someone. Time has a way of slipping away from us, for the good and the bad, and when special occasions roll around, I can’t help but think: “How did another year really just pass?” Rob and I celebrated 14 years of being together this month. It’s kind of crazy to say out loud: 14 years. How did that happen? We don’t feel old. We still feel like the teenagers that met that night at the coffee shop. How have we been together for more than a decade? But then I really take the time to think about it all…all the trips and places we’ve explored together, all the hardships we have worked through, all the crazy times we laughed so hard our stomachs hurt, the learning to be patient and selfless, the milestones we’ve had the opportunity to celebrate together, and of course our big move to Arizona five years ago…learning to do life together, just the two of us.

Couples Diner PhotoshootWhen you think about it like that of course it makes sense that it’s been over a decade. But something we’ve learned more than ever over the last year or so, is how it important it is to show love through the little things each day. We’ve all seen the movies of the couples that have been together for years and kind of just go through the motions, or I’m sure you’ve heard that saying “They’re like an old married couple”. I think those stereotypes can definitely ring true. It’s easy to fall into a routine. It’s easy to expect the other person to just know what you’re thinking or feeling. Even though that might be true, your partner may really know what you’re thinking or feeling, isn’t it nice to show it and say it? Through the crazy hectic moments where everything feels like it’s going a mile a minute, and boy have we had a few of those days over the last several months, we’re learning it makes all the difference to simply say and show the other person how we feel and what we’re thinking in the moment.

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We’ve noticed that simply holding hands on our way back to the car after grocery shopping or making sure we’re vocal when we think the other one looks nice that morning, instead of keeping it to ourselves makes all the difference. Maybe you’re like, “well, duh, of course you should do those things”, but I think it can be so easy to fall into routine and have other things take priority. The best way to feel love is to show love. It’s kind of like spreading kindness.

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The morning of our “anniversary of when we met” (is that a thing? oh well, we celebrate it!), Rob pulled me close in the middle of us cleaning the house franticly, before running off to an appointment, and we just took a few moments to share about the last few years and how much we appreciate each other. Remembering all those little things we did for each other when we first met and making sure we’re keeping that same spirit alive has been so important, even if it’s just a casual date night at your local diner. 🙂

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89 comments on “How to Celebrate Your Partner, After Several Years Together…”

  1. Thanking them for everything they do for me, making sure they know what they mean to me everyday and remembering how we grow old together!

  2. First of all, I ran across your blog after seeing some of your pins on Pinterest and I have been enjoying everything I read on your blog and you two are just the cutest too! Your style is also Amazing!!! What I do to show the ones that I love they are loved and celebrated is I love to bake special desserts my husband and daughters love and cook homemade meals that I know they like.. When their birthdays come around, I do go all out to decorate the house and bake their favorite cakes and just make sure each of them feel very loved and special! Most of the time it is just me and my daughters at home because my husband is rarely home because of deployments but I do my very best to make sure everyone I love knows it without a doubt…

  3. My boyfriend and I just celebrated 5 years together. The first 3 months of our relationship we spent sending letters to each other since he was away. We have a few traditions we’ve adopted along the way that always reminds us about how much we love each other. The first thing we do is we always go to bed with a kiss and an “I love you”. Even when we’re angry at each other we never go bed without doing those two simple things. The second thing we do is we always kiss each other’s hands before we leave for work. It may seem weird, but that is what he did on his first date to me and it just stuck. We like to say that it is a way we hold each other’s hands even when we’re away from each other.
    These things remind us that love is always there, to do all things with love, and to never hold onto anger. 🙂 cheers to many more years!

    Instagram: @heykatejones

  4. You have to continually pursue each other. Keep dating. Keep finding things about them that you love. Try to “outdo” one another in love and honor – not because it’s a competition but because you want to foster the kind of love that builds each other up and grows together.

  5. Being a teacher, my husband rarely gets a lunch break so I like to put love notes in his lunch bag to remind him that I appreciate how hard he works for us. Nothing makes my husband glow like affirming words do, so I do my best to love him the way he needs!

  6. I love making my partner his coffee in the morning or evening when he’s tired. He does the same for me and it’s the little things for when you’re feeling a little lazy on the couch after a long day of work. I also love leaving little notes around the house that he can see randomly when roaming around the house.

  7. My fiancé and I give eachother cards made by ourselves every once in a while, even if it’s not a special day. Even if we don’t have the resources to buy us gifts, on sad days or happy days. It’s our way to say; even though I’m not good doing DIYs, I do this with my own hands to show you our love can beat any adversity or make better an already nice day! so we don’t forget to celebrate our love, union and uniqueness.

    Love you guys, greetings from Venezuela!

  8. My fiance and I always make a point to thank the other for things like cleaning up the kitchen, when someone takes out the trash, or makes dinner. I think it makes us each feel appreciated and not taken for granted!

  9. Your love story is really cute! You guys are so young! Imagine when you’ve got over three decades together! It’s like the nicest milestone we all hope to reach. I just made the two year mark with my love and it feels like I’ve known him for my whole life already. Thank you so much for this post because often we forget that to preserve a relationship, we must take time to think about the relationship and remember to appreciate it vocally. I try to show love to my boyfriend by sending him “be safe messages” everyday when I know he’s on the road and telling him all the time that I love all the features of him I know he doesn’t like so much. Little things are very big things sometimes. Xoxo


  10. My sister is always working so hard and getting burnt out. I try to surprise her with a little gift like a nail polish now and then. It’s inexpensive and effective! I also love to send her cards (she lives in Vegas, I’m in LA) and try to uplift her as much as I can. I want her to feel understood, seen, and loved!

  11. I advocate each and every day for my girls. I love to chat about Down syndrome anytime I have a chance. My youngest was born with an extra chromosome so it’s very important that she feels valued and loved by the world. She’s already adored by us. And I also want the world love, respect and include people who are different. Advocating I think is such a beautiful way to show love to our loved ones and the world, after all learning to be kind starts in the home!

  12. My boyfriend and I are celebrating 5 years this year. Along the way we have adopted a lot of ‘traditions’ to show how much we care for each other. One of them is that when we go to bed we always kiss and say “I love you” to each other. The second one that we do is we always kiss each other’s hand before we leave one another. We do this as a way to say that we are always there for one another even if we’re far away. It’s these little things that show that we care a lot, that reminds us how much we care for each other, and to remind us to never hold on to anger. Cheers to many more years! 🙂

    Instagram: @heykatejones

  13. Sometimes I leave post-its with little notes in his pockets, etc. Although, I seem to be running out of post-its lol time to restock. I kind of love that man, you know 😍❤

  14. Whenever I take a bath or long shower for some “me time” my partner puts a towel in the dryer for a few minutes, so when I get out I have a warm, fluffy towel to dry off with. It’s the sweetest small gesture anyone has done for me, and it’s much appreciated now that the temperature is starting to drop! 💕

  15. I feel that genuine and active listening is so important, not only for showing my loved ones that I care, but even work colleagues, clients, and other acquaintances. Taking a moment to pause and actually listen to what someone else is saying is really refreshing, let’s you be in the moment and form real connections. I was in a long distance relationship for over a year, and I truly think that listening to each other helped us keep our bond going even when we were living on different continents,

    Oh and for my signicant other, I celebrate him not only through active listening and remembering the little things, but by buying him novelty socks on special occasions and “just for fun”. The best pair so far has been a poutine (Canadian French fry delicacy!) when he came back to Canada after his year working abroad.

  16. To me, it’s important to always keep trying to know my husband better. We too have been together for almost 14 years and I am still learning new things about him. And our lives are busy, so I try to think about what makes him happy, what makes him at ease, what can help reduce stress in his day-to-day. I know he does the same for me, and that’s how our relationship stays strong and healthy.

  17. Everyday I get to wake up to the persons I love, my son and my boyfriend. It’s the best feeling in the world to know that they are both by my side everyday. But we are a pretty busy family. We both go to school and work plus spend time with our son that sometimes “us” time doesn’t really exist. At night though, no matter what we always tell each other how much we love each other and make sure to go to bed with each other. Our schedules are hectic day by day but at night we make sure to always go to bed with each other and wake up with each other to feel that comfort and closeness. It’s the best part of my days.

  18. My mom has always shown me what it means to u conditionally love someone, whether that be me or my brothers or my dad. My goal in marriage is to keep selflessness and servitude at the center, and to let those values hold my future family together as well. 🙂

  19. My husband and I got married just a little over a month ago. Everything is so fresh and new right now… our favorite things to do together are just the little mundane things. We are finally sharing our dream of living life together. So sweet to read this post about you and your husband years into your relationship. And already I can see that the best way to feel loved is to show love – what a selfless and beautiful thing to do.
    I have followed you on Instagram for at least a year now, and I love seeing bits of your relationship. 🙂 Congratulations, 14 years is quite the milestone. May you enjoy many, many more years.

  20. I love to bake them their favorite goodies, treat them out to a meal, and just have some nice quality time together:)

  21. My partner and I are both musicians, so we spend a lot of time not seeing each other. We make the moments together really count, and when one of us leaving town for an audition, we always hide a little note or gift in the suitcase to surprise each other!

  22. Taking care of ur love ones is the most beautiful way to show affection
    But everyone have their own way of showing that affection
    For me I like giving him a homemade gift like ajar of small things I love abt him or one time I printed it out some of the most romantic text between us & made it as a key chain
    Or even baking his favorite cookies 🍪
    These little things that make him feel that I will always be here giving him my endless love 😍
    After all I think even a warm hug or a cuddle by the end of a long day is the loveliest ❤️

  23. I try to remind my partner everyday how special she is to me. Whether it be a sweet note by the coffee pot, flowers, or just a simple “thank you for being you” text mid-afternoon. It’s easy to get caught up in day to day tasks but I think it’s important to keep the fire alive and never let go of the exited feeling you had when you first started dating.

  24. I agree that it’s all about the little things not being forgotten…the little things that I do for my husband to show him I love him include things as simple as picking something up from the store that I know he likes, or sending him a picture of myself and our dog while he’s at work to say that we miss him. 😊

  25. I advocate each and every day for my girls. I love to chat about Down syndrome anytime I have a chance. My youngest was born with an extra chromosome so it’s very important that she feels valued and loved by the world. She’s already adored by us. And I also want the world love, respect and include people who are different. Advocating I think is such a beautiful way to show love to our loved ones and the world, after all learning to be kind starts in the home!

  26. I try to do a lot of little things for any one of everyone. A small act of kindness goes a long way. A smile or compliment can change a persons day around! Just doing little favors without being asked, cooking dinner, leaving surprises around the house. Thank you’s, planning a fun day, hanging out with the dogs, anything really!!

    Thank you for the generosity!!

  27. My husband and I have made several routines and habits to show one another our love. We’ve done big things like committing to taking turns every other week to plan dates for each other and taking “coffee breaks” to sit down and talk about where we are and what we’re feeling in the relationship. The big things are great but the small things are what make the biggest difference for us! Learning to speak our spouse’s love language and holding hands wherever we go are my favorite routines. Thank you for sharing this post. Reminders to take time to celebrate where we are and where we’ve been are always appreciated!

  28. Before my husband and I were dating, he would sometimes surprise me and deliver coffee to me at work. He still does that sometimes and it always makes me happy because it reminds me of those times.

  29. For me it’s the little things that add up: doing a chore he doesn’t enjoy; packing him a lunch to take to work and sneaking in a sweet note; sending him a text or a picture of our dog to let him know I’m thinking about him/we miss him; buying his favorite treat or letting him pick the movie. We also try to incorporate weekly date nights 💕

  30. My partner and I have been together for 2 years. We live in NYC and we’re getting married in Sedona next year! I adored this blog post because finding ways to make each other feel loved and appreciated so that we avoid staleness in our relationship is something we talk about often since moving in together. Although we have opposite schedules (he works days and shorter hours, while I work evenings/nights and longer hours), we try our best to make time for a weekly date night where we explore new places and restaurants in the city, and immerse ourselves in new experiences together as a couple. Doing fresh things together helps us feel like we are not stagnating or just going to the same ol’ favorite spots over and over as part of a lazy routine. We also talk about the ways we like to be shown affection and what makes us feel most special, and then make the effort to do these things for each other – whether it be surprising one another with a home-cooked meal or taking the time to cuddle the other to sleep for 15 minutes even if it’s not bedtime for one of us yet. For my last two birthdays, my partner has given me simple, delicate necklaces which I love because nothing is better than a gift from him that I can incorporate into my daily outfits and take with me wherever I go – a little piece of our relationship history.

  31. My partner and I are celebrating 9 year together this year. honestly, the most every day and kind of boring way I show him i love him is by scooping him olives from the olive cart at the grocery store (even though the smell makes we want to actually vomit) and buying his favourit hot peppers when i know it means i wont be able to kiss him for the evening without my lips burning! Its ordinary but it really makes him so happy

  32. My boyfriend and I are both medical students and are doing long-distance while we go through school. This has tested our relationship greatly, but also given us the opportunity to express our love in new ways. Of course, this includes making time for each other to talk on the phone or Facetime, but we also try to think outside of the box as well. Our favorite way to show that we are thinking of the other is to order each other little presents throughout the week (thanks, Amazon prime!). It’s always nice to have a surprise gift show up at the door, and though we can’t afford much due to student loans, it’s more about knowing that the other person is thinking of you and wanted to cheer you up!

  33. Love everything about his! It’s so true that taking a minute to compliment or show affection to your partner can go such a long way in the health and happiness of your relationship. My husband and I are coming up on 8 years together (5 years dating and 3 married) and welcomed home our first baby six weeks ago.
    Throughout our relationship I’ve always ways admired the way my husband approaches life— with a calmness and willingness to support and encourage those around him. Since becoming a dad I see even more of that in how he supported me during recovery and the massive adjustment of our new life as a family of three. It’s incredible to spend so much of your life with someone and still be suprised at how much your love can deepen in an instant.

    Cheers! xx

  34. Today is actually my husband and I’s first year wedding anniversary! We’ve been together for 6 years and we always tell each other how much we appreciate each other. Even if it’s something simple like washing dishes. It’s easy to get in the habit of expecting things from our significant other but we understand that we shouldn’t take it for granted and to make sure we thank each other and we appreciate what we do for each other. We also work 12 hour shifts so we always try to take the time to sit down with each other after a long day at work and ask each other how our days went. Sometimes we get so caught up in the busy-ness of life, we have to remember to just pause and spend time together and just talk. Our relationship started long distance and we were also long distance for a year about halfway through our relationship so we really relied on communication as a way to build our relationship. Now that we’re physically together it’s easy to get in the habit of spending time together but not really having a deeper conversation. So it’s really meaningful for us to have our talks and it really helps reel us in and focus on the important parts of our lives, each other.

  35. For me it’s always been about the simple small things. Like when you’re partner has had a bad day at work and you take an extra stop on the way home to grab them a cupcake or if you see something during your day that reminds you of them and sending a sweet text. The little things that let them know that you’re thinking of them and you care, those are the best moments. I do celebrate the small anniversaries too! I always write cards for my husband on every occasion, they seem silly now but 1, 2 and three years from now when I look back to them they’re so much more special.

  36. My boyfriend and I are hitting out 3 year mark in a week. We make each other our priority every day. We celebrate the little moments that we get to share together, even if it’s just walking our dog. I have an autoimmune disease and I always struggle with feeling as though I am a burden. My boyfriend takes it upon himself to normalize my symptoms and reduce my stress. When I can, I love to return the favor and take care of him because I fully recognize how much he does for me.

  37. There are quite a lot of small meaningful things that I have appreciated about the relationship with my boyfriend of 4.5 years. A few of my favorites have been: taking time to ask about each other’s day in the evenings, planning a weekly “date night” – whether we choose to stay in or go out, and our mutual love of going on drives with no predetermined destination, it has helped us stay connected, communicating, and adventurous. And I personally agree that a coffee shop can set the perfect stage to meeting Mr. Right! 🙂

  38. My husband truly goes the extra mile for me everyday. He is so understanding when I am having a bad day and I’m not in the best of moods. He also celebrates me in every endeavor I go after. Since he is so awesome I always try to do things I know he hates doing like cleaning or folding the towels. I also make sure that I give him time to go fishing when he’s having a stressful week so he can relax. Making date night a priority has done so much good for us since it’s our unplug from the world time and we can just be us!

  39. My favorite way to express love and gratitude is to feed them! I enjoy cooking and will either do that at my house or send food for them to eat at their house.

  40. Some simple things I’ve found that mean a lot to my husband are making him his favorite meals, any type of surprise (babysitter for a night out, little get aways) or just laying on the couch with him for a few minutes at night!

  41. My husband is my closest, best friend and confidante. I make sure he is well fed and we make it a point each night to spend one on one, intentional time with each other after the kids are down for the night.

  42. My sweet Curtis continuously shows me his heart everyday. I never knew loving someone and being loved back would be so wonderful. I know its easy to let little things slip, so Ive started writing in a journal which stays on our kitchen table. I write down things I notice he does, even if its not for me! I love being partners with someone who works with their whole heart. I leave notes throughout the journal full of encouragement, appreciation, and compliments. I leave it on the table so he can pick it up and read it whenever he needs a reminder of the love I have for him. Ex: He brings me coffee every Sunday before service and will write sweet notes on the side of the cup. Ill write my appreciation and describe how much his servants heart means to me.
    Thanks for reading yall 🙂

  43. My sweetheart Curtis continuously shows me his heart everyday. I never knew loving someone and being loved back would be so wonderful. I think it can be SO easy to let the little things slip. That’s why I have a journal on our fireplace! At the end of the day I write down words of encouragement, appreciation, and compliments. I also write down things that don’t apply to me but I notice about him! I love being partners with someone who works with her whole heart. Ex: almost every Sunday Curtis will bring me a cup of coffee with a sweet note written on the side before service.

    I leave the journal on the fireplace so when he needs encouragement he can pick it up and read it . Im so thankful to found my person. Loving him is such a gift. Thanks for reading y’all🦊🖤!


  44. I always put my loved ones before myself and put in the effort to tell them and show them how important they are to me.

  45. My boyfriend and I will be together for almost 7 years in February. Each and every day we do something for each other and it doesn’t feel like a chore. It makes both of us feel good. At the end of the day we are both best friends. We ask each other about our days, make each other laugh like crazy, and we talk out misunderstandings. We give tough love when necessary, which he gives me especially when I talk about teaching. He gives me the feedback and advice I don’t want to hear, but need to grow. He makes me better for my students. And I try do the same for him.

  46. My husband and I met 10 years ago in our school choir and a beautiful friendship began, even though life took us through different paths I think we both know se were meant to be, but boy it was hard. 3 years ago in a wedding he finally kissed me for the first time and with all his courage told me he loved me and that he wasn’t gonna let me go this time. At first it was hard because he was living in another country but love always perseveres. Now we have been already married for 2 years, moved in together and have a beautiful rescue cat named Muffin. We show our love with little gestures, like making each others breakfast, playing a certain song on the radio or writting love notes for the other to find. Love is about never forgetting how lucky one is to have that person by your side, and appreciate them each day, acknowledging their heart, kindness, bravery, tenderness and strenght. Give love to feel love. He is my biggest blessing and with every kiss and every embrace I try to let him know all that he means to me.

  47. My fiance and I work opposite schedules most of the time, but I always try to find ways to let him know I’m thinking of him – a note on the chalkboard, a silly gif to make him smile, or a little treat waiting for him when he gets home. It helps to remind us that the little things make all the difference when life gets overwhelming.

  48. My mom is the best person I know. I do try the big ways of showing her I love her and appreciate everything she’s done for me, but she always appreciates the little things more. The thing that I do consistently to show her I love her is every night before I go to sleep- no matter how late- I always text her specific heart emojis, so she’s knows I was thinking about her before I went to sleep. She say she it means a lot to her, since we live so far away from each other now.

  49. Hi!! My family and I were at The Farm this weekend and saw you and Rob and you were so genuinely sweet, I remember telling my husband as we walked away you guys were *couple goals*, anyways we have a now one year old so finding time and going the extra mile to show each other affection or hep brighten each other’s day has been huge for us lately, when she was a new born it was easy to get so caught up in parenting to forget to be husband and wife also. I love packing his lunch and leaving notes in his lunch bag and always baking him sweets since he has a constant sweet tooth!

  50. My partner and I have been together for over two and a half years. Now that we live together, showing appreciation for one another can often slip our minds, but we do our best to remind one another how important and loved the other person is, whether it be verbally, doing a chore for one another, or just holding the other person close.

  51. My husband and I have been married for 31 years and we still love finding ways to show how much we mean to each other. Most of them are simple – whoever gets out of bed first brings the other coffee in bed, complimenting each other, and always kissing goodbye. He’s taken me all over the world, but it’s the daily , small things that really build a lasting relationship.

  52. My boyfriend and I have been together almost 5 years. So for me it’s really important each day to sit down together and reflect on our days. Whether it’s 5 minutes or turns into an hour it’s a great way to give each other the chance to express what we’re feeling.

  53. We’re on year 3 and he actually moved to another state with me so that I can pursue my dream job. Talk about dedication and love! I remember to tell him every day how grateful I am for his love and support.

  54. Let me just first say that this blog post is amazing. I love how transparent and honest you both are with your blogs and Instagram. Especially this blog in particular because it is easy for us to get wrapped up in life.

    My husband and I had our first date at a coffee shop. The funny thing about this date is that my husband hated coffee……. But he knew from mutual friends that I love coffee. So when we went on our first date, he told me that I could order him a drink and he would try it out. I was soooo excited because he was willing to try my favorite thing in the world (exaggerating)! Unfortunately, the barista made us both the wrong drink and brought us plain coffee with no sweetener (oops)! I had ordered him a vanilla latte.
    Watching him trying to take more than one sip was hilarious. I told myself he wouldn’t probably go on another coffee date with me again!!! However, he laughed it off and asked if we could try it again.
    Moving forward, coffee became our love language. We got married right next to our favorite coffee shop, we created our videography business at a coffee shop, and we meet with all of our clients at a coffee shop. Now, my husband drinks more coffee than I do (I know ironic hu!).

    So, it’s safe to say that every morning I make sure I make him his vanilla iced latte (we have an espresso machine). And we still drive once a week to our favorite coffee shop (one hour away) to talk about life. Coffee for many people is a part of their regular routeen, but for us it’s our way of feeling each other in the morning that we love each other. We go out of our way to make sure we share a cup of coffee together. Coffee will forever have a memorable impact on our marriage.

  55. I think one of the most meaningful ways of showing my boyfriend how much he means to me is by being present in his life. I am not talking about acknowledging his presence the moment he walks into a room; I am talking about truly listening to his hopes, fears, dreams, goals, feelings —- and also the nonverbal. I feel that we as women expects our significant others to respond to us in such manner that in the process they too need the same attention just displayed and possibly communicated differently.

  56. You two are the cutest couple!

    I’ve been with my husband 8 years, married 2. I leave little love notes around the houses and cook nice meals for us!

  57. My favorite way to celebrate my loved ones is to make them a delicious home cooked meal. I love being inventive in the kitchen and sharing food thats others enjoy genuinely brings a mutual joy to the both of us. Also, I love to share handwritten letters to my fiancé even if it’s not a special occasion. 💕

  58. I always run him a bath if he’s had a long day at work, he always makes me a coffee in the mornings, I always kiss him three times before bed and three times in the morning (lips, nose and forehead), he always cuddles me in bed when we’re half way between dreaming and waking up, I boost his confidence when he’s feeling down, he tells me I look good almost every day (even if I forgot to take my make up off the night before)… we’ve been together ten years, been through many ups and some big downs, but it’s always the little things that keep us going and remind us how much we love and appreciate each other.

  59. It’s definitely the little things- Surprising them with breakfast in bed. Letting them pick the movie. Sending them a little message in the middle of the day. But above all, I think it’s just being there for them and listening. Showing them that you care and prioritize them in your life.

  60. Anytime my husband is having a rough day I ask him if there’s anything I can get him that would lift his spirits. Even if it’s small as his “favorite bread roll from that one place” I always make sure to get it.

  61. For us, it’s all the little things. Saying “I love you”, bringing home someones favorite dessert, sweet notes, and compliments. We both appreciates acts of service . I think knowing each other’s love language really hopes in showing love. I’ll cook him dinner, he’ll wash my car or change the oil- the little things.

  62. Rob & Christina,
    I love everything about this, especially the idea that while “falling into a routine” is normal, it’s important to break from it every here and there to celebrate both big and small milestones. Honestly, I think the most consistent way I show my husband I care is through food. I love to try new recipes I know he’ll love or surprise him with an old favorite. Food is such a powerful vessel for communicating feelings.

  63. I love buying my boyfriend a simple gift every now and then, whether it’s his favorite candy, Starbucks, or a cool bracelet that made me think of him. He does the same sort of thing with me as well. I am so blessed to have such an attentive and romantic guy <3.

  64. Someone special in my life is my fiancé we have been together for five years and so far it’s been an adventure to be by his side. This past year his job has consisted of 90% of traveling I miss him unconditionally and we have been working through this adventure together. We focus on the time we have and it’s been extremely hard go even plan the big day. Time has been our biggest obstacle yet we have learned to cherish every moment and not take days for granted. Little things come to light even the simplest gestures.

  65. My boyfriend and I met on the corner of 11th and Bay in May of 2015. We shared chic chicken and waffles and a lifetime of stories. Since then, we have lived countries apart. We wrote letters back and forth and giggled into the phones every chance we got. Now, we live together and my heart bursts into a million pieces every time he comes home. He rubs my feet and asks me about my day as a teacher. I run my fingers across his palms as he walks me through the daily life of a police officer. Talking. Sharing. Listening. It’s how we care.

  66. My hubs and I ALWAYS kiss good morning and good night even if one of us already fell asleep. I also love sending or receiving a random “I love you” or “can’t wait to see you after work” text! It’s usually small things that make your day when your living the routine. <3
    Happy Anniversary!!!!

  67. Me and my boyfriend have been together for a few years now. In a perfectly dramatic Italian way, we write poems or letters to each other every now and then and send emails with the songs that remind us of the other. It’s so nice to see his name popping up in the incoming box when I don’t expect it! We always plan little dinners in hidden spots in Naples or the coast and when we both have a weekend off, we visit little villages around Italy. We have found so many gems! It’s so nice to share these moments, we get closer every time. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! .

  68. To be honest I feel like in my relationship with my husband he is definitely much better at showing love and doing little romantic things for me than I am for him.

    In that, I feel like he’s taught me a lot by the way he will surprise me with little things I like, like picking up my favorite tea or chocolate bar from the grocery store when it wasn’t on the list, or bringing me lunch at work when he knows I forgot, or cleaning the house before I get home when I’ve had a long week. The way he cares for me has taught me to think about his likes and needs more and more.

    I know he appreciates when I take the trash or recycling to the curb so I try to do that. When he’s having a hard week I like to leave him notes on his desk or pick up a treat I know he likes on my way home. He loves to celebrate, so when he gets a new client or passes a test (he’s getting a certification right now) I like to surprise him with a special dinner or taking him to his favorite brewery. All in all being married to him has taught me to be more aware and how much sweeter marriage can be when you really are seeking to care for the other above yourself.

  69. We like to leave each other sticky notes amd little drawings for each other, on birthdays and cards, and just on the mirror or fridge in the morning 💕

  70. My husband & I have been together for 10 years this year! I LOVED the post, and agree it’s so important to not just go through the motions. Great post. ⭐️

  71. I agree, I do think it’s important to show love in the smaller ways too! When the hubby has a test coming up, I make sure to wish him good luck via text, paper note, or phone call. When a congrats or big feat has been conquered, I buy a 25 cent poster and write a huge congrats and stick it on our door so he feels celebrated when he gets home! Small things really do add up 🙂

  72. Even if I am not phisically present with my friends and family, I always try to call them at least once a week and everytime I call them I tell them that I love them very much and thank them for being there for me. ❤

  73. I leave hidden notes for my boyfriend to find all the time — in his wallet, behind his shampoo bottle, inside a shoe. I try to get creative so they’ll surprise him and he’ll always remember how much I love him. One time he baked one in the oven because I put it under a pan and he used it to make dinner … oops!

  74. My hubby walks me to my car before work and kisses me through the window. Makes my day every time. He works a swing shift so I try to bring him dinner and eat with him as often as possible.

  75. This is something unique to my history, and while not something I do for my loved one but the opposite. I met my boyfriend of the last few years a few months after my 25th birthday and a year after losing my dad; my brother and my mom also passed away previous to him. So it’s always been emotionally draining, difficult, and often relationship ruining trying to figure out how to integrate my family into those relationships. However, my current boyfriend has made it a priority to really get to know them, to celebrate them, and to remember them on birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. It is honestly the most touching thing that could ever happen to me it is simply unquantifiable, but the fact that it was immediately second nature to him makes him so very rare and special and my forever and always. Thank you for creating this platform for me to share him <3

  76. My husband and I have been together for a long time… 26 years and married for 17, hands down … its all in the little things. The simple thoughtful things such as covering him with blankets at night when they’ve fallen off, kisses behind my neck while I’m cooking, saying how nice I look when I really do, thanking me for making dinner… just because. Flower from farmers market just to brighten my day. Helping with tasks that I abhor. These things over time show how much you are thought of from day to day. Congratulations on your anniversary!!

  77. I try to do a lot of little things for my husband, like hiding notes in his lunch bag to find at work or making his favorite dessert. I also try to show my appreciation for him whenever I can. Giving him compliments really seems to go a long way!

  78. Try to do one thing or errand for him every week that I know he’s dreading doing himself. Or get the coffee machine all prepped for him the night before so when he wakes up all he has to do is sleepily press go. Constantly trying to find a way to speak to him in his own love language.
    Also BTW, so cute/funny/sweet how many photos there are on every blog post of Rob looking at you. 😄

  79. Hi Robert & Christina! I want to start off by saying that you guys are such an inspiration to me and my family. I’ve been a fan of your blog/instagram/YouTube for a long time and your style and characters are so amazing!

    For me, the two people that mean the world to me are my husband and my son. One thing that stands out to me that I do to show my husband how much I love and care about him is by giving him team for self care and by making him breakfast every morning and sharing what our plans are!! And for my son, aside from loving him unconditionally… I LOVE to do the whole bedtime routine and sing to him every single night and watch him as he falls asleep. I work a 9-5 job so this is the best part of my day and it’s such an incredible bonding experience.

    Thank you guys for always sharing such inspiring/creative/wonderful content!

    Instagram: @monicaloli

  80. This may sound super typical but the best thing I can do for my spouse is to cook and clean. We are both working professionals in an industry that can be super stressful (Architects) as well as parents of a teen and tot. We each have our seasons of busy-ness but I have learned that a home cooked meal is the way to my man’s heart. Sometimes the simplest meals that I feel like I throw together make him the happiest. He makes comments like, “This is how my mom cooked” and I know he’s happy. : ) Keeping our bedroom tidy is also a way I say I Love You because I know he can come home after a long day and have a space to enjoy a little peace. If it makes him happy, it makes me happy and it’s work done with a joyful heart.

  81. My mom is really special to me and I definitely think it’s easy to forget to tell her. We’ve never been a family who says, “I love you” to each other so when I call her (a few times per week) I make sure to say it at the end. I can almost hear her smiling on the other side of the call!

  82. I think it truly comes down to the little things- watching a movie they want to see (even if you get very tired of watching war movies 😬), having a treat waiting after a bad day, and just being patient and listening! Giving life’s simplest pleasures can mean the world to your partner.

  83. The easy things are purchasing little gifts he would like: beer, a momento, a postcard or two, coffee items, etc. But I think the most important thing we do for each other now is on the days we are sluggish or having a rough time. Alex knows to light some candles, handle dinner and maybe run a bath for me when I’m down or if work was hard. For him it’s back scratches when he doesn’t know he wants them (but always loves) and dinner like his mom used to make. We just moved away from home and it’s been a new set of emotions for both of us being away from the ones we cared about most. Doing these “little things” remind us that we are with each other and that’s the most important thing. Even without all of our friends and family around, we love each other and we are growing as we adapt to our new space!

  84. I try to thank him a lot and verbalize things because I’m not always good at saying what’s on my mind! I also like to surprise him when I can. Two years ago I surprised him with a trip to San Francisco for his birthday, and last year for Christmas I went all out and decorated our place in Harry Potter stuff (he’s a huge fan) complete with a platform entrance, butterbeer, and pretzel wands to eat while we watched the first movie. It was so fun!

  85. We keep the love alive by cuddling every day and calling each other by cute names. We actually so rarely use our real names that when we do, it feels formal! I love that he always calls me “babe” or “booboo” hehe!

  86. One of the most special things my boyfriend does is, anytime we go on a trip or vacation, he buys me an inexpensive dress to wear. He knows I love fashion, and there’s something special about wearing a new dress in a new city. He started doing this on our very first vacation together five years ago and has kept the tradition going. As for him, I am always on the lookout for new espresso bean roasts and flavors. He makes himself a cappuccino every morning and he loves experimenting with different espresso beans. I think the weirdest flavor I ever got him was cinnamon/date/whiskey flavored! Small acts of love and thoughtfulness like these keep us connected.

  87. My husband and I like to go for drives at night. It’s time where we put our phones away and just chat about memories, life, and our goals. We used to do it a lot when we were dating, but still try to do it now when we get a chance! It is one of my favorite ways to reconnect!

  88. Aw, congrats you two!!! Cory and I recently celebrated 12 years together so we totally relate! It’s a length of time where you can’t remember life without them & can’t picture the future without them. I always get bummed out when people put marriage down and act like long term relationships mean an end to love and friendship. I have found it to be the exact opposite. We grow closer with each passing day because we put the time in, just like you two!

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