Growing with Our Home

Mar 05, 2018 | By New Darlings

With the guesthouse being freshly finished, (can’t wait to get in there and style the space) we have been thinking about our long term plans with this house. We didn’t have the best experience with our first contractor for the bathroom remodels, so we were a little hesitant to dive into the guesthouse project initially. We found ourselves a new contractor, an amazing guy who has done a ton of work around town (hello Futuro, Framed Ewe, and Gracie’s Tax Bar), so our fears were put at ease when we began the planning process with him. Seeing everything come to life has been really exciting and it got us thinking about our home and how we live even more.

For as much as we love to travel, Phoenix really is a good place for us to call home. We love where we live, our location in Phoenix is pretty prime for us, close to everything we enjoy and it’s an affordable city with a creative community that is super supportive of one another. It feels good to have such good friends in town with family on the other side of the country, and where maybe down the line we’d consider a second home somewhere else (like wayyyy down the line, guys), Arizona is the place we want to come back to time and time again. We fell in love with the charm of this house, we’ve said it many times, but what we underestimated was the lack of closet and storage space. We have a shed out back (for Christmas decorations, tools, furniture, etc) and an attic (for off season clothing, luggage, etc), but for day to day items we need to grab and store more easily, those don’t help too much. With that, we began thinking about expanding our bedroom. It’s a small space about 11 x 10 feet, with two coat closet-esque spots for all of our things. Like we said we really enjoyed working with the contractor on our guesthouse, so when we told him about some ideas we had for the rest of the house and began chatting about it all, it felt right moving forward with some bedroom plans. Our bedroom backs up to our backyard so we decided to push that out a few feet to make the bedroom larger and build a walk-in closet. We’ve always been drawn to older homes, with all their quirks, so we’re looking forward to making this one even more functional for us while still keeping the character. Cannot wait to have everything all in one place and organized!! Hello, built in shelving!

As with any project, this one snowballed, and it snowballed fast. Our dining room backs up to our laundry room, which then backs up to the backyard. We’re planning on knocking down the wall between our dining room and laundry room to make one big dining room with French doors out to the yard. This will give us a lot more light in the kitchen and an open flow, while still keeping the original footprint pretty in tact. As for the laundry, we’re planning on a stacked washer/dryer unit being added to the master closet, with some laundry storage and organization as well.

As always, we’re excited to share the process with you guys. It probably goes without saying that home projects are some of our favorites. Has anyone done a closet remodel? We’d love to hear any tips, things that have made all the difference, things you wish you had done, etc… We’re still in the pretty early stages and are having plans drawn up, but cannot wait!

For now we’ll be pinning ideas over on this board. Follow along with us. 🙂

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14 comments on “Growing with Our Home”

  1. I’m in the Phoenix area as well and I’d love to know who your contractor is! My husband and I have lots of plans for our home! Love everything you guys are planning!

  2. Hi there, first time commeting here. Going thru renovation myself right now, I can’t help thinking about long term investment & functionality. Putting a W/D in the master closet sounds like a great idea (convenience, space saving etc.), but PLEASE make sure you have enough “sound” separation between utility closet & master bdrm. Invest in a better drywall material and maybe look for some sound proof options. You never know, but the last thing you want is to share your sleep with a tumble dryer.. just a thought.

  3. If you have a Container Store in your area, they are great with closet planning. If you like a more modern look, they have their Elfa shelving units. However, if you like a more built-in look, they now have their TCS Closet Systems. I think the TCS closets look great in older homes.

  4. Love your home! Fun to see this side of PHX as well as I’m an az native. Quick question – where is your bedding from? The duvet cover specifically? Thanks!

  5. I love reading your post and looking at the pictures. And I agree that Phoenix is a good place to live. Thanks for sharing your story and plans. I love your home.

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