5 New Skincare Favorites

Feb 04, 2018 | By Christina

2017 was the year I actively put skincare first. It became more of a priority in how I got ready for the day verses style or makeup choices. I actually have enjoyed washing my makeup off each evening and the feeling of fresh, dewy skin. Here are a few new products I’ve added to my routine since my last skincare update. The holidays were a stressful season over here, so I’ve had a few breakouts to nurse here and there, and these products were gentle enough to not irritate my skin more.

Sleep set: 

BIOSSANCE SQUALENE & ANTI-OXIDANT CLEANSING OIL A makeup remover and cleanser in one, this cleansing oil makes my face feel so good. This has become the first step in my evening skincare routine and feels like vitamins for my skin. Cleansing and nutritious, removing impurities and giving it a boost.

FIRST AID BEAUTY FACE CLEANSER This is the second part to my faux Korean skincare routine that I have been slowly adopting. In the past I didn’t wash my skin at night with a cleanser, but this is super gentle and removes anything the cleansing oil may leave behind. My skin feels clean and fresh, but not stripped of all the natural oils it needs. I’m also slowly starting to use this several times a week in the morning vs the acne cleanser every morning. Hoping to be free of any acne medication products soon. Also love how affordable this line is.

SKI ESSENCE I started using this a few months ago. It’s a bit on the pricier side, but I had 20% off at Sephora around the holiday season and took advantage on this essence that I’ve heard so much about. It’s super hydrating and smells lovely. I’ve been using it right before my serum each morning and night.

MURAD MOISTURIZER I’ve been playing around with different moisturizers, a lot as well. I still use the Burt’s Bee’s one mentioned in my previous post here, but with Phoenix’s weather being all over the place and my skin being exposed to more cold outside and then warmer temps inside, it was becoming super dry. I recently added Murad’s Water-Gel moisturizer to my routine and it so quenching. It’s super light as well, which is great for my sensitive skin. All about hydrating over here.

BIOSSANCE SQUALANE OIL I have been using this on and off for the last year (so it isn’t exactly new), but it wasn’t until I stopped using it, that I realized how crucial it was to my skincare routine. Your body naturally produces Squalene oil, but over time and as we age the amount that is being produced decreases. Patting a few drops of this light oil on my skin each evening has really helped with breakouts, and I feel like in the morning my skin is more even, which is huge because I’m still fighting those hyper pigmentation marks.

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  1. Just clicked through and ordered the Biossance cleanser! I have been wanting a great oil-based first-step cleanser to take off my makeup. Can’t wait to try it, thanks!

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