A Fresh Routine for a New Year

Jan 29, 2018 | By Christina

*Thank you to Colgate for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts & opinions are our own.

After my sister moved in, we realized just how regimented we are…especially our morning routine. Our mornings usual start around 7am…well Rob’s usually does. On most mornings Rob will take Henry out solo and let me sleep in a bit longer. He’s an early to bed, early to rise kind of guy, and if I could get myself to sleep early enough I just may have a shot of that lifestyle, but I usually find myself lying awake each night pondering some ridiculous thing that shouldn’t be occupying my time, making a mental list, or planning some random surprise family vacation. Either way, I have trouble falling asleep, so Rob champions the mornings and takes Henry for a walk to get out all his morning puppy crazies. When he comes back in we start up the kettle for water for our morning pour over and prepare breakfast while that’s brewing. Our pre-getting ready, sleepy-eyed part of our morning has become somewhat therapeutic for us. I’ve always loved reading about other people’s routines and found so many of them so inspiring. I remember reading about George Clooney’s routine on an early set. He was ready and dressed in a suit, eating breakfast while reading the paper before anyone else was awake. Somedays I feel inspired to just get up and go like that but most of the time I enjoy the quiet mornings together.

Most days our go-to breakfast is cinnamon toast with a side of fruit, coffee and juice. Other days we reach for the granola and almond milk with some fresh berries on top. It’s simple and fresh and an easy meal to prepare. While we wait for the coffee to finish, a quick scroll through our email and IG usually happens. We can’t help ourselves and are working on putting off any technology until later in the day, but baby steps. 😉

Over breakfast we usually catch up on the news and chat about our plan for the day. It really sets the tone for the day and from there we have a good idea of how we should get ready and what’s on the agenda.

Alright, so time to get ready for the day. So happy we added double sinks to this bathroom. It has made all the difference and getting ready side by side is pretty fun too. We chat, sing along to our current playlist, and pull out all our favorite products. First things first, tend to the pearly whites! With a new year upon us, we made the choice to make some changes to our daily self-care and grooming routine, and keeping everything simple with a focus on wellness. It’s always fun reading about other people’s favorite products, so here’s a couple of ours…

Dental Care
Our families grew up using Colgate and their Optic White system has been a favorite of ours recently. In the spirit of keeping things simple, their toothbrush and gel pen whitening combo is just what we needed and has been super easy to use too. We love that it can be stored right in the toothbrush. We’ve been using it for several weeks now and really like this route for keeping our smiles bright and white, without doing additional whitening or using trays. Its quick and easy, which we can appreciate. Also, with a big coffee addiction, pour overs in the morning and iced espresso tonic in the afternoon, we don’t have to choose between a white smile and our love for coffee.

Skin Care
We’re going to dive more into this in a later post, but skincare has been another big priority for us in the new year. We both have a new obsession with tending to our skin, making sure it’s hydrated and fresh, and yes addressing those early signs of aging. 😉 As someone who grew up with makeup being in the forefront of a “beauty” routine vs taking care of your biggest organ: your skin, its been fun to share my love for skin essentials with Rob. He recently got into eye creams, toners, face masks, it all… and its nice to find some new products together. Serums and cleansers were a big indulgence for us this holiday season, along with keeping our favorite natural essential oils (rosehip oil and tea tree oil in particular) on hand, and making sure we always have a good SPF applied, because hello desert sun!

Hair Care
We’re going to dive more into haircare in another post because there is sooo much to talk about (ha!), but less heat and better products were also a big thing we wanted to focus on this year. For those completely heat free days, soft curlers have been my saving grace. For the gentlemen, a beard comb and trimmers are essentials as well.

After we’re all ready for the day, it’s time to work…planning shoots, scheduling blog posts, emails, etc. We’ve been wanting to put a big focus on our day to day and sharing that with you guys in the new year, hence today’s post with a peek into our morning routine and what we’re focusing on lately. It can be difficult to open up and share the everyday things that may seem mundane or even things that we struggle with from time to time, so jotting down favorites for home and style, and personally journaling more at the end of each day has been a big focus for us. We’ll definitely be sure to keep you all posted.

What about you guys? Are you doing anything to simplify your morning routine? Do you have it down pat? We’d love to hear. 🙂






9 comments on “A Fresh Routine for a New Year”

  1. Could you write a little more on the soft curlers? I have tried a few types/brands and none have been good 🙁 your hair is so pretty I’d love to know what you’ve found works well! Thanks 🙂

  2. Love your pajamas! I have been looking for something similar, could you send the brand or location you purchased? Thanks!

  3. Thanks for sharing this little peek into your private lives! I’m a little like you, I love reading about people’s routines, I find it quite motivating. It’s so lovely that you sit down every morning for breakfast together. I should make that a goal for this year!

  4. Can you provide a recipe for your iced espresso tonic? I’m so curious what that is and how you make it! Thanks for sharing your routine, I changed my morning routine and have focused on making breakfast everyday and sitting down to enjoy it. It slows down time in a way and makes for a great start to the day!

  5. Hello guys!!!! Congratulations on the new family member coming July, I’m so happy for you both and excited you gave such a wonderful start to your New Year! I love this season of life and highly suggest looking into a product called Juice Plus (I do sell this amazing blend of 35 different fruits and vegetables if you have any questions) for your prenatal needs rather than a traditional prenatal vitamin. I full Juice Plus regimen the entire journey of my pregnancy and I have the most gorgeous, handsome son!

    I have been following your blogs for a week or so now and am loving all the information you poor into them. I honestly mainly started following because I Love your bangs!! Can you please tell me exactly what you tell the hairdresser when you go in so I can wear mine exactly the same!! I have worn bangs like Zooey Dechanle for 3 years now and your remind me of hers, but even better!

    I really look forward to your feedback and send my very excited and warm congratulations your way! I just recently had a son 8 months ago and had grown my bangs out prior to his birth. I now find myself missing them terribly and just want to feel like myself again.


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