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Jan 24, 2018 | By New Darlings

Every year after the holidays, we find ourselves with a bit of downtime.  It’s probably due to the holiday craze kicking our butts and knocking us out for a few weeks following Christmas.  It’s around this time that we give in, and give our bodies what they deserve: some relaxation.  Many of you have asked about our tv.  Where do we hide it? Where has it gone? Do you still have one?  We plan to get into this in an official blog post real soon.  It was a personal decision and one we still stand behind, but our tv is no longer in our house.  That’s (obviously) not to say we still don’t watch plenty of TV shows and movies, we just do it on our laptops, which for us makes a huge difference as far as day-to-day TV watching goes. Again, we’ll get into that another time, but today we wanted to share 5 shows we’ve really enjoyed binging in our recent downtime.  Some left us a bit shaken, some make us laugh til our ribs hurt, and some are just really good TV.  So without further adieu, grab a doughnut and kick back…here are 5 shows we recently binged.  Please let us know in the comments if you’ve enjoyed these shows, if you have any recommendations, or if you just simply don’t binge.  We’d love to hear!



We somehow missed all the hype when this show was originally airing in the UK which gave us the good fortune of an extra long binge.  It’s always a bit more fun to get into a show later on and have so much to catch up on.  Anyway, the show is a crime drama that focuses on the death of an 11-year old boy and the impact it has on the small town.  The first two seasons follow that plot and the third follows a different case with the same cast.  We pretty much became obsessed with the two detectives on the show and would randomly yell their names out around our house just because we love their relationship and dynamic on the show.  You’ll definitely want to shout “Miller!” after binging this intense series.


Probably our favorite show in a long time.  We loved how refreshing this story was.  The cast was hilarious from top to bottom, the wardrobe (late 50s NYC) was gorgeous, and the script was a true gem.  The series tells the story of a housewife in 1958 NYC who falls into the very controversial world of stand-up comedy.  This show was one we barreled through in just a couple days while we were feeling under the weather.  Rachel Brosnahan is amazing and completely earned her Golden Globe for her role as Mrs. Maisel.  You can find the show on Amazon Prime video.


This one is definitely on the darker side.  We had to take a moment after the first episode to take a breath and decide whether we could handle the entire series.  We’re happy we stuck around.  The show follows two FBI agents in the late 70s who attempt to get into the minds of serial killers through research and very candid interviews.  They travel the country teaching their learnings to local police officers to help them better understand the pattern and motives of their crimes.  The series was based on a true crime book which makes it that much more real and terrifying.  We got super invested in this one and highly recommend it.


One of those shows that is just always surprising us.  We have no idea where it’s going, and that’s definitely a good thing.  Ted Danson is one of the funniest people ever and he cracks us up in every episode.  The Good Place is a version of Heaven that Eleanor gets sent to by mistake.  At that point, she’s not sure whether to fess up, try to figure out how she ended up there, make herself the good person she was confused with, or a little bit of all of those.  The show has some serious twists that I wouldn’t dare give away in this post.  Go grab some snacks and laugh your head off at the insanity that ensues. You’ll need the laughs after Mindhunter.


Oh, Larry David.  We love you so so much! It’s hard for us to express our admiration for Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm.  When we found out that Curb was coming back, we were both pretty prettttty pretttttty excited.  If you don’t love Larry, then we have to have a serious talk.  He is so easily annoyed by everything and doesn’t hold back his feelings at all.  He is the guy we’d probably all hate to be friends with (he’d hate us right back), but is hilarious to follow along with.  If you somehow missed the entire series, you have a lot of Larry to watch, and we’re incredibly jealous for the experience you’re about to have.  Enjoy!


7 comments on “5 Shows We Recently Binged”

  1. Those all sound interesting! I’ve only seen The Good Place. I love your new furniture/color palatte. Are you keeping it around just for Valentines Day season, with all the light pink, romantic vibe?

  2. I haven’t seen any of those shows, thanks for the recommendations! I’m currently catching up on The Good Wife and I’m loving it.

    Ps- I hope yall plan to do a post with your home refresh! Looks beautiful!

  3. My husband and I have binge watched 4 of the 5. Broadchurch is one of my all time favorites! Miller! That first season is so intense. We’ll have to check out The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Thanks for sharing.

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