Deck the Halls

Dec 07, 2017 | By Christina

It really is true, as time goes on and the older you get you start to see hints of your parents in you. Each day we realize more and more why those furniture and rug store outings were so exciting over the weekends. Anything having to do with the house, we’re obsessed with. A new door mat is even thrilling. Seriously, we recently found one with a car that has a Christmas tree on top of it, and we couldn’t wait to bring it home to swap out with our fall leaves one, now that the seasons have changed.

Before we got married we used to spend our time at furniture and home goods stores just browsing and dreaming up what our future space would look like…and the holiday season was no exception. This weekend we filled our bellies with french toast from our favorite brunch spot and then headed out to pick up some holiday decor for the house. We keep saying it’s the first real Christmas here. We moved in last year the night before Thanksgiving and we felt like a couple of chickens with their heads cut off, for lack of a better term. Even with the chaos of travel and work, and my sister moving in recently, it feels like we can actually take the time to decorate and add hints of Christmas in each room of our house this year and enjoy all of it. We picked up some new holiday additions at Marshalls and wanted to share some of our finds with you guys. The decor is ever-changing and I like that Marshalls has a fresh selection of high-quality holiday pieces, all at amazing price points, so you never know what you’re going to find but you always know you’re going to love it. Each visit is like a little surprise there.

So excited to add a small ice-skating rink to our holiday collection. These mini villages were always a favorite growing up, and we’re looking forward to adding a piece or two each year.

We added a few festive mugs to our collection, as well as some holiday treats. Growing up, my dad used to always wear a Santa hat around the house leading up to Christmas. It sounds silly, but it was just his thing. I feel like these Mr. and Mrs. Claus mugs will be one of “our things”. We decided to go a little more neutral with the tree this year, so gold and silver ornaments were at the top of our list, with white and wood accents.

Henry is obsessed with this little red striped bed. It’s really for cats but Rob saw it in the store and had an inkling Henry would like it. He loves burrowing himself under the blankets on the couch, so this little tent is his new favorite spot. Ha!

We stocked up on some colorful wrapping paper. We couldn’t resist the paper with the little Scottie dogs and the classic craft paper is always a favorite too. It’s a beautiful heavy paper, which will make whatever we end up wrapping with it look amazing.

I want to call out these cute party crackers because I feel like they could be such a fun party idea. I originally bought them as a cute favor add-on or gift topper, but it’s actually a game. They each come with a different musical whistle inside and everyone gets a numbered badge. Nominate a “conductor” who follows the music sheet, pointing at each person to blow their whistle and create some beautiful music, or complete chaos! Either way it’s bound to be a ton of laughs. How did we not know about this?! 😉

Love this little catchall tray…I guess we’re dog obsessed around here. 😉


Have you guys decorated yet? Do you go for a theme? We’re Christmas crazy and want to hear about it all! 🙂


*This post was made in partnership with Marshalls, as always all thoughts & opinions are our own. 

12 comments on “Deck the Halls”

  1. Love your home with all the Christmas decorations. You guys make everything look so darling! Love your IG and blog is very inspiring to me; is like looking through a beautiful home magazine.

  2. You’re my favorite blogger! I saw those mugs in the store a few weeks ago and passed them up! I’ve been kicking myself ever sense! Love your decor!

  3. Aw! How perfectly festive! We literally decorated for Christmas on Thanksgiving Day, haha! We were just too excited. This year, we invested in a beautiful flocked tree from Terrain and went with a special pop of red to everything paired with mercury glass. Our main tree (yes, we have a few) always has an animal theme. We have collected animal ornaments since our first Christmas together (nearly 11 years ago). So now it looks like a whimsical snowy forest with animals, mercury glass pine cones & mushrooms. I’m in love with it! Hopefully I’ll be sharing much more of our place this next year since we are finally redesigning our site, eeeeeeeee!!!

  4. Your space looks beautiful! And I spy some stockings from the Magnolia collection at Target! My fiancé were debating back and forth over them but ended up getting something else instead. They are cute though! And we love Marshalls 🙂

    1. Thank you so much. The village is from Marshalls…I think it was around $30, which for that size piece was pretty good. Definitely check it out. They always feel so magical. 🙂

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