To Beret or Not to Beret

Nov 14, 2017 | By Christina

I finally gave into the whole beret trend. I was never against it…quite the opposite actually, but I just had a hard time busting it out of my closet after so many fond years of the beret and my American Girl doll. Yes, my American Girl doll. The beret is such an ironic (and iconic) accessory, at least in my book. They haven’t been worn in France since the early 1900s and kind of became a satyrical symbol of what we thought French style was, along with the ever so popular striped shirt (which hey – I have several of, so I’m totally not knocking them!). Even though I love French Girl style as much as the next lady (and yes Brigitte Bardot totally rocked them in the 60s), it never was really considered the go-to French gal accessory which it is now known as today.

I love a good fedora, but I was hesitant to reintroduce the beret into my wardrobe. You see, me and the beret go way back. I’m talking eight year old Christina-beret wearing, American Girl obsessed kind of way back. Not sure if any other ladies out there had an American Girl doll growing up, but I took mine everywhereeee. I had the one that you could order to look like you, same hair, eyes, skin tone, etc. and well I took it to a whole other level matching my outfits to the doll….I’m talking matching velvet overalls and turtlenecks, and yes, even berets! Clearly, Not much has changed in the wardrobe department, guys. 😉

I was so obsessed with that beret I even busted it out later in life, pairing it with my pea-coat as I walked through the orange and yellow leaf filled paths of my college campus in the fall. The American Girl doll beret guys!! I didn’t even feel the need to upgrade it, ha! Maybe it was my obsession with Rushmore in high school that inspired me to revisit it. My mom would chuckle every time I wore it, but hey it was plain and classic (in my eyes) so I just went with it. Hats are such a fun way to accessorize any outfit and I proudly wore it. Since then I’ve donned many a fedora, so I was pleasantly surprised and curious when the beret popped up in every store from Neiman Marcus to Urban Outfitters. It’s a great alternative to a beanie for the fall and winter.

What do you guys think of the beret?

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5 comments on “To Beret or Not to Beret”

  1. I also have been so hesitant to get back into berets. I love a good hat, but I can’t help but remember my middle school days of my constant berets, always worn incorrectly.

  2. lol! I totally had an american girl doll too, Samantha i think?–also, I love all the different hats trends have been popping up lately, beret included!

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