Fleet Foxes & Beach House

Sep 28, 2017 | By Robert

Over the weekend, we had the pleasure of seeing two of our favorite bands for the first time.  We go to a lot of shows, but somehow have always missed Fleet Foxes and Beach House over the course of our entire relationship.  We are happy to say that the wait is over and it was totally worth the wait.  On Sunday, we headed over to Comerica Theatre in downtown Phoenix for an evening of glorious tunes.

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First of all, can we just talk about Beach House being the opening band on this show? How cool is that? Not to mention, they played for over an hour.  This is about as tight as a band could possibly sound.   Their music played in a live setting is spot on and incredibly powerful.  Victoria Legrand has the most beautiful voice that echoed hauntingly through the walls of the theatre.  We loved their starry visuals that accompanied the songs and could’ve easily watched them play for a few more hours.

Fleet Foxes are one of those bands we have followed from their very first EP to their latest LP, Crack-Up.  We might have stalked Robin Pecknold’s internet presence through different music forums, his reddit Q&A, and his Instagram album teasers.  He’s a fascinating man with a whole lot of talent.  We used to listen to the Sun Giant EP and self-titled debut way too much back when we were dating and living in New York.  Those songs will always remind us of those early days and singing along to Mykonos in our car while we aimlessly drove around Long Island.  It was really special to hear the songs live and watch the band effortlessly harmonize their way through each song.  It was a pretty perfect night and one we’re really grateful to have experienced together.

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