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Sep 18, 2017 | By Christina

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Now that we’ve been home for about a week or so, we’re finding that balance again. The balance of travel and work is a funny thing. We love traveling while we’re doing it…we get super excited about new places, new experiences and everything that goes along with it, but when we’re home, we just like to be home and there is no better feeling. I feel like a question people ask a lot is, “…so what do you like to do for fun/in your free time?” I always thought it was funny…these general questions that somehow people ask thinking it’s going to open a big window into someone’s life and the way they live. Well, I found myself asking someone that recently and was pleasantly surprised with the answer and their honesty. Their response was “…we like being home” and I LOVED that answer! It was simple and honest and refreshing.

I never thought Arizona would be a place I called home. I never thought it would be a place I would be happy to call home, and go back to after a trip, but over the years I have really fallen in love with Phoenix. It was the change from New York I definitely wanted. We have that balance of city (small city) life, as well as being close to so much nature, making it easy to get outdoors and enjoy a hike whenever we like. There is a sense of calm here that I really enjoy and find comfort and refuge in. Now that things are cooling off around here (I know…I know…we talk about the weather often, but these extreme temperatures really do play a role in how us desert dwellers live), I cannot stop thinking about getting out in the yard, planting some vegetables and flowers we can enjoy, and just simply being in that space.

I tend to romantize aspects of life before they even begin…trips, home projects, just a simple weekend. Maybe it was all the old movies I watched as a child, who knows? Typically romanticizing any scenario is a negative thing to do and by doing so you could very well be setting yourself up for disappointment, but to speak very honestly and simply, dreaming of life in certain ways makes me happy.  It has allowed me to create a fulfilling, joyful environment. It’s been an adventure being a homeowner, making this house a home and it has shown me how you really can create your own little piece of the world. Cheesy? Yes, most definitely, but hear me out.

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We all are in control of our happiness for the most part, right? How we handle situations, even the crappiest of situations, how we respond to a stressful day, or share in happy and sad moments with friends and family. This is something I have learned over the years and it didn’t come easily. What am I going to let bother me? What am I going to choose to ignore? How am I going to destress after a day where I really may have just wanted to throw a shoe across the room? How can I share in happiness with others? What are things that bring me joy and how can I make more time for them?

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Over the weekend, I took time for a bath and a few quiet moments with a book and candles. I played some French music in the background, and for about 20-30 minutes melted into this special little world where I was able to clear my mind and feel inspired. It reminded me why home is so important (for me), and why feeding your mind and your soul is so critical to your health and overall outlook on things. We have poured so much love into this house in a short time and it has given me life.

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I’m not really sure where this is going or where I intended for this post to go, but it is how I’ve been feeling lately and wanted to share. There’s comfort in making time for yourself and creating a happy environment for yourself and loved ones (whatever your version of that may be), and there should be no shame in that.

What brings you guys joy? Do you have any routines or things you do that feel special? I’m looking forward to more evenings filled with baths, reading, and journaling, early mornings with the windows open and weekends spent outside in the yard.

Hope you all have are having a great start to your week!

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9 comments on “Creating a Joyful Home + Mind”

  1. Not sure if it’s because I can relate to this article so much because of how much traveling my boyfriend and I have done lately (with less time at home, in our own element) or because of how I, too, seem to romanticize trivial things (my mother’s words, hah) based on my love for old movies growing up (and now), but I LOVED this article. It’s humbling to know and see bloggers such as yourself sharing those thoughts, too! We have to find a ‘happiness’ balance in our daily lives, especially at home. Reading this humbled me a bit and left me with a refreshed outlook on refocusing on the joy in simpler things!

  2. This was a beautiful read and inspiring outlook. I can’t image some of the pressure you two might feel, your content is always amazing and seems it must come so natural to you! The internet loves you both for your genuine love for travel, fashion, home decor and each other. It’s so natural to take refuge in spending time at home especially when you’ve worked so hard to make your house that beautiful.

    I swear a bath in the cure to almost anything! Keep up the amazing work and you’ll always be my inspiration. Have a great week!

  3. I absolutely loved this post. Thank you for your honesty and openness! I agree that taking time out of your day whether its playing with your dog, going on a walk, or taking a bath (which sounds great right now!) is needed for our own health.

    Hope you have a great rest of your week!
    xx, Ashley

  4. This really resonnated with me. As someone who has been uprooted somewhat recently it’s been a bit of an uphill battle making my home feel… well, like home. But I think the time put into it is SO worth it. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Myself and my partner have recently built out first home. We decided to go for a big piece of land out in the middle of nowhere with no reception and little to no internet.
    My favourite thing to do at the moment is arrange my bookshelves and any open shelves throughout the house , I literally spend hours just moving things around and seeing what works.
    This is such a nice post and gets me inspired.
    I’m curious what French music you were listening to?

  6. Taking a bath is absolutely one of my favorite routine ways to destress and take some time for myself – especially with candles and music or a good show. It’s been something that I’ve loved doing since I was kid, and I honestly can’t see myself growing out of it at this point! I also love a good sunny morning spent in my living room – around 11AM the light is just right, and everything feels peaceful.

  7. Hello! I absolutely love your kitchen! Can you please tell me what color grout you used? Thanks so much from New Zealand 🙂

      1. Great thank you, are you happy with the colour? It’s been suggested we go for a dark grey as black can look harsh. Yours looks great in the pics!

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