Curb Appeal: 3 Styles

Apr 12, 2017 | By New Darlings

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With the weather being so beautiful lately, we’ve been spending as much time outside as possible.  Now that we’re home owners we understand why our parents would obsess over planters and cleaning the front of the house once Spring rolled around. Over the weekend we found ourselves at the nursery with Henry, picking out flowers and planters to spruce up the front of our house. It was nice to be surrounded by so many other couples and families, embracing the sunshine, and filling their carts with fresh herbs and flowers. This place is coming together more and more each day and I don’t think we have ever enjoyed cleaning up a place, and making it look beautiful as much as we recently have.

Whether you have just bought a new home or just want to give it a little refresh for the change in season, we rounded up a few favorites that will give your home a big impact in three very different ways.

Boho Desert Curb Appeal Ideas

This is most similar to the style of our old apartment: natural tones, organic textures, and interesting shapes. These muted colors and easy going desert style continues to be a favorite around the internet and it’s easy to see why. Something about it feels so whimsical. We created the look with the following pieces:

01. Wind Chime: I always remember my mom having wind chimes in the summer time. Such a pleasant addition to any front or back yard.

02. Bench: How pretty is this piece? Throw a few pillows on, brew a cup of tea and read your favorite book.

03. Kilim Pillows: Speaking of pillows… 😉 Kilim styles are another design favorite that we keep seeing pop up again and again. Brightly colored ones can lean more southwest, while these natural colors feel softer and calmer.

04. Pendant Light: After looking at some bohemian front yards, I realized they can get super colorful and wild, which isn’t for everyone. I wanted to tone it down a bit and give you guys another option other than the stain glass ornate lantern. This basket weave pendant light felt like a good compromise of the styles, and little more sophisticated.

05. House Numbers: Bronze all the way. These will look so pretty once they get a little weathered as well.

06. Doormat: Love this macrame one! The detail is so pretty.

07. Mailbox: Simple and comes with additional newspaper/magazine holders for the bottom.

08. Terra-cotta Planters: These are a little more fun than your typical Terra-cotta planters. They feel a little more old-world. Scandinavian Home Curb Appeal Ideas

Simple and clean lines, with a bit of a charm. A monochromatic color scheme keeps the overall look feeling fresh and classic. Check out the items below to get the look:

01. Settee: This bench! We’ve been crushing hard on these farmhouse style Windsor benches and chairs lately.

02. Sconces: These lights seem like a good fit for a variety of styles, depending on the finish and and color you choose. Love the copper option too!

03. House Numbers: Silver gives the place a fresh look, and would pop nicely on any shade of gray.

04. Mailbox: Nothing fancy, but just right.

05. Doorbell: Sleek and modern.

06. Door Mat: Cute and Quirky. West Elm is always a great go-to for pieces like this.

07. Stone Planters: These can be surprisingly difficult to find in Arizona. There’s one store near us (Dig It Nursery) that makes them in any color, shape, and size, but if you’re not local CB2 has an awesome selection.

Mid Century Home Curb Appeal Ideas

Mid-century design never goes out of style. With its sharp design and fun pops of color, this little makeover is sure to brighten up your front yard and make you feel like you traveled back to Palm Springs in the 60s.

01. Egg Chairs: Love the retro feel these have. There are also matching sofas/benches.

02. Brass Sconce: Found this one on etsy and love it. I feel like one or two would make a great statement.

03. House Numbers: Most of the houses in Palm Springs are white with brightly colored doors, so black house numbers would definitely pop off the white paint color.

04. Doorbell: Retro and chic! How fun is this one from Rejuvenation?

05. Mailbox: Rejuvenation kills it again. They are definitely a great source for mid-century styled pieces. This mailbox is another great option as well!

06. Doormat: This felt a little reminiscent to a Mondrian painting. The YSL collection inspired by his work became so popular in the 60s, so this felt pretty appropriate.

07. Planters with Stands: We always been big fans of these. West Elm has some great ones with such fun colors and patterns.


What do you guys think? Will you be giving your front porch a refresh as the days get warmer? What’s your favorite style?

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