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Apr 01, 2017 | By New Darlings

We are so happy to share some photos of our Airbnbs from our time in Paris with you guys. We were lucky enough to stay at not one, but two beautiful apartments in the 8th and 10th arrondissement during our getaway. Click “Read More” for all the details and some of our favorite spots around each apartment.

Usually for our trips, we put the most thought into the destination, the food and cafés, shops. We always kind of leave where we will be staying till the last minute. Thankfully Airbnb swooped in and treated us to, in our opinion, two of the most charming (and different!) Airbnbs in Paris. I think that’s what we love so much about staying at an Airbnb vs hotel: there are so many amazing properties to choose from and you can get a different experience each time. Here’s a peek at the first property we stayed at, which is like a slice of Scandinavia in Paris.

It’s amazing how they utilized space in this little apartment, with a full bath and kitchen, living room and bedroom. It definitely gave us some ideas for our garage that we will be transforming into a guest house over the next several months.

Also, these beams! They seemed to be a common design element in Paris. We saw them in numerous coffee shops and restaurants. I love how rustic they feel while still being clean and modern.

Get the look at home:

A few places we loved nearby:
L’Appartement Sézane
Chez Meunier

We also had the pleasure of spending some time with our friends from Phoenix who were visiting as well. We mentioned it before, but seven of us ending up in Paris all in the same week…what are the odds? A big trip like this with friends seems to become harder and harder as you get older. Everyone has different commitments and schedules, so we felt really lucky to spend some time together in such a beautiful city. Our friend Brendan is an amazing cook and he so generously offered to prepare brunch for all of us one morning at their Airbnb. Here’s a peek at the spread he created with all ingredients found at local markets.

Also, if you’re interested, here is a link to their listing as well. 🙂

Leading up to our last night in Paris together, we were all getting alerts on our phones about the snow storms on the east coast and flight delays. Our returning flight would have connected in JFK. On our way back from Versailles, we joked around on the metro about “just staying in Paris”…our house was (and still is) being remodeled, so why not?! Kind of crazy, right?! Well two nights before we were scheduled to fly back home, we decided to stay. We called the airline and they switched our flights, waiving the change fee due to the storm, and we booked another Airbnb the morning we checked out of our first. This was all very fast and spontaneous and even a little crazy for us, who have gotten used to doing things at the drop of a hat here and there, but it all worked out and we were lucky enough to spend another week in Paris.

I remember when we were planning our honeymoon…(almost four years ago now — what?!) Airbnb was not very common just yet and the stress we had about booking the “right” hotel before it booked and at the right rate was so unnecessary. We literally found our Airbnb the morning before check in and it was a dream. Take a peek below…

This apartment is super close to the one our friends stayed at, so we already felt a little familiar with the area. When we walked in we felt like it was straight out Greenwich Village in the 60’s. It had a very artsy vibe, with photography books, paint sets and handwritten notes in every corner. So much personality!

Get the look at home:

This street was a little busier and louder than the first listing, but the character definitely made up for it! We walked and took the metro everywhere and anywhere.

A few places we loved nearby:
Café Craft
Bob’s Juicebar
Ten Belles

Hope you guys find these listings useful for your next Parisian getaway! A full round up of our favorite spots is coming next! 🙂


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  1. Paris is my favorite city in the world! I’ve travelled there the last 3 years in a row and have plans to do so again this year. Every time I visit I fall deeper in love with the people, culture, food, wine and life!! It looks as if you two had a lovely time. Thank you for sharing your experience!

  2. Thank you for this!! My husband and I are going to Europe again this fall and stopping in Paris for a few days. Saving this list for reference as we plan. ;)

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