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Jan 31, 2017 | By New Darlings

A rug can really pull a room together and define it’s style. It’s like the third element to an outfit, or the cherry on an ice cream sundae. It just completes a space. We have most of the big furniture pieces in our dining room and living room, so now comes the fun part: textiles! Pillows, rugs, accents…we love it! We tend to lean more on the neutral side when it comes to rugs; it feels timeless and allows for an easy refresh with other accents in the room if you feel like mixing things up a bit.

There’s a lot of retailers out there for rugs, but one of our favorites has been Loloi. You might remember seeing one of their beautiful faux hide rugs in the dining room of our old apartment (more of that space here). They have a ton of different styles, with everything from shag rugs to traditional patterns, boho prints, bold colors, and some not-so boring neutrals. There’s a little peek at our living room above with the ivory rug from their Grand Canyon collection. The rooms in this house are on the smaller side and as our electrician put it, “They just built houses however they wanted to back then, so not a lot makes sense”. Hah! He really made us chuckle with that. None of the rooms are “traditional” sizes, which has made deciding on furniture and rug sizes a little more difficult, so we turned to Loloi to search for some new favorites for this good ‘ol tudor of ours.

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We went with one from the Anastasia collection for the dining room and its a beaut! If you’re on the fence about adding color into a space, this one has the perfect amount of subtlety with some grays and plums thrown in.

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  1. Hi, i’ve been searching through your blog for ages and cant find the post about your living room, or old living room? Its the one with the war is over poster on the wall thats all over pinterest. I love the rug and think it would be perfect for what i have in mind, where is it from? Thanks

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