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Sep 23, 2016 | By New Darlings

New Darlings - Pike Place Market Seattle - Photo by @alohacrabsNew Darlings -Seattle Travel Guide

Oh man, Seattle!  You really took us by surprise.   It’s not that we didn’t expect you to be great.  We did!  We just didn’t expect you to be that great.  From the minute we landed at Sea-Tac Airport to our last minute shopping in Ballard, our trip was jam-packed with good times.  The weather was perfect, with hints of fall everywhere.  We hadn’t walked so much in a long time, and it felt sooooo good to be outside in the fresh air.  The best part about this trip was being able to reconnect with our dear friends, Vincent and Cheyanne.  Somehow, we always end up meeting with Vincent in random cities (Austin, San Francisco, and now Seattle) and we’re not complaining.  It’s always unplanned, but we don’t mind a single bit as we find ourselves laughing nonstop when we’re all together.  We were pretty happy to see our fellow Phoenician (now a PNW transplant) Cheyanne, as well.  She moved just a few weeks ago, and is still learning the ins and outs of the city herself, so it was a treat to introduce the two and explore all the must-see places on our list.

New Darlings - Seattle Travel GuideNew Darlings - Seattle Travel Guide New Darlings - Seattle Travel GuideNew Darlings - Seattle Travel Guide New Darlings - Seattle Travel Guide New Darlings - Seattle Travel Guide
Elm Coffee Roasters – We didn’t do our usual coffee shop crawl this trip as we tend to do while traveling.  Seattle really kept us outdoors most of the time, but we made a few stops into Elm, and enjoyed a cortado and espresso tonic.  
Starbucks Reserve: Roastery & Tasting Room – It’s described as the “Willy Wonka of coffee” and definitely not the Starbucks you’re thinking of.  Upscale décor, premium, limited time coffee blends, and really fun to watch the roasting process on a large scale.  So glad we stopped by for a quick drink.
Tavern Law – We were looking for a place to grab drinks after a tasty dinner at Oddfellows on our first night in town, and we ended up here.  Our bartender, Link, was the nicest guy.  We had some great drinks and deep conversations.
Milstead & Co. – Our last stop before heading back to Phoenix.  We walked here from Gas Works Park and enjoyed some caffeine before our flight.
New Darlings - Seattle Travel Guidenew-darlings-seattle-travel-guide-3New Darlings - Seattle Travel Guide - London PlaneNew Darlings - Seattle Travel GuideNew Darlings - Seattle Travel Guide
Cafe Flora – This place was just a few steps from our Airbnb.  Came here for breakfast a couple times and left extremely full.  Great portions, loved their roasted potatoes and eggs.
Oddfellows Cafe & Bar – Hits the spot for just about everything you’d want to eat or drink.  We came twice for dinner (it was that good) and drinks in our short visit.  Wish we had time for a third. Try the “Ode to St. Anne”.
Molly Moon’s Ice Cream – vegan ice cream with a bunch of locations scattered around Seattle. Our favorite was the honey lavender flavor. 
Homegrown – Stopped in to Melrose Market and got some sandwiches at Homegrown.  The Chicken Pesto was the remedy to a growling belly.
The London Plane – Super photogenic, delicious brunch, and lots of flowers.  Loved the Pioneer Square area.
Hello Robin – Dessert after dinner at Tallulah’s.  Ice cream sammies are great!
Tallulah’s – Loved the vibe here and the roasted chicken.

New Darlings - Seattle Travel Guide - Moorea Sealnew-darlings-seattle-travel-guide-4New Darlings - Seattle Travel Guide - Photo by @alohacrabsNew Darlings - Seattle Travel Guide New Darlings - Seattle Travel Guide New Darlings - Seattle Travel Guide New Darlings - Seattle Travel Guide

Moorea Seal – Just a short walk north of Pike Place Market.  We were lucky enough to meet Moorea on our visit.  She owns and curates this beautiful shop and is such an inspiring woman.  Check out her new book, 52 Lists for Happiness.
Trove Vintage – Curated vintage selection in the Ballard area.  We first heard of it from our friends over at Local Wanderer, and we’re glad we took their advice and headed over there.  We even scored a retro magazine rack for our (future) house.
The Palm Room – Plants everywhere!  We were mesmerized by the selection of greenery.
Prism – Loved seeing our friends from Bridge & Burn well represented in this shop in addition to so many other great west coast brands.
Glasswing – One of our favorite shops in Seattle.  A little bit of everything (with brands like Apolis, Bizu, Ace & Jig, etc.), and a clawfoot tub filled with Aesop goodies.
Elliott Bay Book Company – Huge selection of books with two levels, loved the Little Oddfellows Café in the back.  Would definitely be our place to unwind if we were locals.
Totokaelo – A little pricey, but this place was minimal perfection with quite the shoe selection.
Everyday Music – Conveniently located in Capitol Hill.  Loved roaming around their large selection of vinyl, cds, and video.  I’m sure if we lived in the area, we’d spend all day there.
Nube – The perfect place to pick up a souvenir that screams Seattle without those cheesy airport vibes. Cards, bags, candles, and more US made goodies.

New Darlings - Seattle Travel GuideNew Darlings - Seattle Travel GuideNew Darlings - Seattle Travel GuideNew Darlings - Seattle Travel Guide - @alohacrabsNew Darlings - Seattle Travel Guide New Darlings - Seattle Travel Guide - Photo by @alohacrabsNew Darlings - Seattle Travel GuideNew Darlings - Seattle Travel Guide - Pike Place Market

Gas Works Park – It was our last day in town and we couldn’t leave without checking out this park for ourselves.  The park was built on an old coal gasification plant site. The weather was a perfect Seattle overcast, and we loved the views of the city from the grassy hills. 
The Fremont Troll – We finally got to meet The Fremont Troll!  Dream come true. 😉
Kerry Park – Before arriving at Kerry Park, we walked over to Molly Moon’s to grab some ice cream to enjoy while watching the sun set over the city. There was a full moon and everyone gathered around with their cameras to capture the shot. This had to be one of our favorite moments from the trip.
Volunteer Park Conservatory – We spent an afternoon here with our friend Vincent.  The cactus room made us feel right at home. More photos to come!
Pike Place Market – We didn’t know whether to put this place in “food”, “drinks”, “shopping”, or “sightseeing”.  There is a bit of everything at Pike Place Market, and although it was packed with tourists (including us), it is definitely worth checking out everything going on there.
Gold Creek Pond – We raced here before sunset for the incredible views with Vincent and Cheyanne.  We were the only people around and it was perfect for a few photos together.

New Darlings - Seattle Travel Guide

Big thanks to our friends Vincent and Cheyanne for being perfect tour guides, the best dinner dates, and for snapping a few photos of us. Looking forward to the next reunion! 😉

Until next time, Seattle!

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  1. Aww, its so fun to see my city through other people’s eyes! There are a few spots on your list that I haven’t actually been to yet, I can’t wait to discover some new things about where I live!

  2. hi!
    I only recently found you guys but am already in love with everything on here! Not to mention, both of your outfits are amazing all the time.I live in Seattle and I have to say you went to all the hidden gems in this city. Hope you guys come back again!
    Also, if you’re looking for somewhere similar to Seattle, definitely visit Portland.

    Thank you for writing such wonderful content & taking such beautiful pictures (really)

  3. Hi

    We are currently in Washington now and it’s just as beautiful as you described and I’m finding my own little gems as I continue to travel around. I just wanted to ask how far everything is from one another of the places you visited – did you walk a lot or use uber because driving around in Seatle is a bit of a mission.

  4. Do you mind me asking what air B&B did you guys stay at? My husband and I are having a hard time find a cute place in a good location.

  5. I am a new blogger and I came across your blog and just wanted to say that I love your blog!!! Everything about it inspires me. I am going to Seattle in a couple of weeks and this blog is perfect to get some ideas of what to do and photographs to take. You guys have an amazing eye for photography I just LOVE your pictures. Thanks so much for sharing your eye on the world.

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