Loungin’ at Home with Express One Eleven

Jul 27, 2016 | By New Darlings
July has been pretty jam packed over here.  We feel like we haven’t been able to share quite as much as we would’ve liked to.  We kicked off the month with some family in town for the week of the fourth of July, we headed to Palm Springs with some friends shortly after that, and then had more family in town last week.  It dawned on us today that we haven’t really had too much time alone this month.  It’s been a bit overwhelming for us homebodies.  As we have briefly mentioned on some of our social media channels, we are in the early stages of house hunting, so we just really haven’t had any down time to recharge our busy brains.  There is nothing new to report on the housing situation.  We have our eyes on a few homes, but aren’t getting our hopes up and trying to stay realistic through this early process.  We’ve made a promise to each other that this last week of July will be for recharging, date nights, and TV marathons.  It’s definitely been tough to turn off our minds lately as there has just been so much going on, but we have really been enjoying getting back to basics.


When we first started dating, movie dates (whether at home or at a theater) were a big thing for us. It took us forever to pick out a movie to watch, but somehow that was half the fun.  We simply loved the relaxed days together…the time to zone out and get immersed in a story, then we would spend hours chatting about it afterward. It feels more and more important lately to make time for little dates, even at home, like that.


Comfy clothes that we can lounge around at home in or throw on some sandals and sneakers with, and not feel underdressed for brunch are some our favorites. We’ve been loving Express’ new One Eleven collection lately.  The collection is filled with soft, comfortable, basics that have been the perfect summer staples.  Their bodysuits and shorts (for her) and henley tees with joggers (for him), have been our weekend wardrobe go-tos.  They’ve been the perfect pieces paired with denim for these hot summer days galavanting all around town with our family, and being cozy enough for late afternoon Netflix marathons at home.  We’ve been obsessed with Stranger Things (on Netflix) and The Night Of (on HBO) lately, and quite frankly we are trying to figure out why we continue to creep ourselves out with these types of shows.  We just can’t help it!

What are you guys watching this summer?



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13 comments on “Loungin’ at Home with Express One Eleven”

  1. Hubby and I spend time in the last few months and marathoned watched TNT’s The Last Ship on Hulu so we can now watch the new season! It’s oh so good!! Highly recommended!

  2. My boyfriend and I rewatch The Lord of The Rings Series every summer (his favorite) and we spend the other part of our movie watching time on my favorite Audrey Hepburn classics!

  3. You guys do an admirable job of incorporating your partnerships into your lifestyle, rather than adjusting your lifestyle to your partnerships. Your place is a thing of beauty, but your own home will be even more so! x

    Jen | affecionada

  4. My wife and I have been watching Stranger Things too! Which is weird because we both hate scary stuff but it is so addicting! Love what you guys are doing with the blog btw! Something I think my wife and I would love to do someday! Cheers!

  5. You are the most adorable cuple I have ever seen <3 The photos are amayzing and your sens of aesthetics is truly touching my heart!
    Lots of love from Poland!

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