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Jun 28, 2016 | By New Darlings

NewDarlings - Records in bed - Lifestyle PhotographyNewDarlings-Records at HomeNewDarlings-Records at HomeNewDarlings-Records at HomeNewDarlings-Records at HomeNewDarlings-Records at HomeNewDarlings-Records at HomeNewDarlings-Records at HomeNewDarlings-Records at HomeNewDarlings-Movado-23NewDarlings-Movado-15New Darlings - Records in bed - laughter - lifestyle photographyNewDarlings-Records at HomeNewDarlings-Records at HomeNewDarlings-Movado-34His: Levi’s jeans | Urban Outfitters shirt | watch c/o Movado
Hers: romper c/o Aritzia | watch c/o Movado | Sephora lip color in “Petal”

This past weekend was one of those really good, soak it all in, don’t want it to end weekends. Nothing particularly spectacular happened, but that’s what we loved about it so much…the specialness in the simplicity. We joined some friends at happy hour on Saturday to say farewell to a friend who’s leaving for the UK, and on Sunday we made a little picnic for brunch by the pool in our complex, then cranked up the record player, sang to our plants, and were a couple of home bodies. We’ve been getting used to our new place and settling in since being back from our travels. It was nice to indulge in the weekend a bit, cook some of our favorite meals, and have some one on one time together. It reminded us of our dating days, when we used to just hang out at one of each others’s houses, listen to music for hours on end, dance around and share stories. It’s hard to explain that moment when “our” song comes on and we both lose it with what are probably the most pathetic dance moves of all time, but finding time to be silly should be at the top of our list every weekend.

As many of you probably know by now, we share a pretty similar style. We’ve realized more than ever lately how alike we are and often we unintentionally match. It must be the twelve years we’ve been together, because the amount of times we’ve stepped out of the closet to realize the other is in a matching chambray or leather bag has become a real thing around here. We recently embraced the matching by picking out his and hers watches from Movado. We have been huge admirers of the brand for quite some time and were so excited to add a couple to our collection. Their Heritage Series is a nod to one of their 1950’s pieces, and we are pretty obsessed with the updated vintage design. Take a peek at the collection here.

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5 comments on “Find Time”

  1. Oh goodness, I love those watches! Time pieces are so special to me even though most people use their phones, I think there’s something special and meaningful about using a watch instead.

    By the way, I have noticed you do have a lot of leather bags and shoes, etc. Any tips on caring for those items? I have just really invested in a pair of Frye boots and I want them to last!

  2. Oh you guys.. I found you on insta and oh my god i´ve got such a huge crush on you!
    Of course, i know, these pictures i see are pictures of that moment: But you seem to be so happy all over and you are really a big idol for me and my mindstate!

    Love to see your blog over here,


    Fleur & Fatale

  3. Honestly, you two couldn’t be sweeter.

    And I absolutely love your bright & character-filled home. It looks so comfortable & visually interesting…but still clean. Ah. Not always easy to achieve, but you’ve done it. I feel like I could spend hours looking at all your records and books and trinkets. Seems to have such a museum-like quality, or even like a wunderkammer, with so many captivating, story-filled things to look at. Not at all sterile or untouchable. <3

    Anyway, I rarely comment, but I love following you sweethearts. You make the world a little brighter with your love.

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