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Jun 14, 2016 | By New Darlings

New Darlings - Hallway - Brass AcentsHis: Jungmaven tee c/o GrowOp Boutique | H&M shorts | Hers: overalls and tank c/o Madewell
Warby Parker “Durand” glasses
Home: CB2 bench | Target mirror (similar)| pillow c/o OneFineNest | World Market basket

It’s hard to believe we’ve been in our new apartment for over a month already. Half of that month was spent traveling, so it still feels really new and unfamiliar.  There’s a lot we would like to do with the place (including getting ready for some of out town guests — can’t wait to host some family in AZ!), but we want to be smart about what pieces we bring in and not go too crazy, as we don’t plan on being in this space forever.

When we first moved to Arizona, into our first apartment together, some family suggested we go superrrr minimal on the furniture and decorating, and hardly spend money on any pieces for at least several months. This advice was given for a few reasons: 1:  Save, save, save! As newlyweds it’s easy to get carried away and want to decorate and spend money on your new place together, but budgeting is obviously important (at any age). 2: You don’t know if you’ll be there forever. There are many similarities in the way we grew up and were raised, but housing was very different. One of us moved around a lot growing up and the other lived in the same house until it was time to get married and move across the country. There are some pieces we purchased early on that we ended up selling, but for the most part we are happy we invested in the larger items we did and know they will come with us to a home some day.

In the mean time, we’re in a new apartment, which as we mentioned a while back was totally unplanned, but we’re glad we’re here now. The place is a new build with a lot of great amenities and we feel pretty grateful to have found a place so quickly. Although everything is new and bright, there are some finishes that aren’t totally our style and more on the modern side, i.e.: light fixtures, cabinet hardware, etc… We’ve been huge fans of brass finishes for a long time, and are happy to see them come back around in interior design now-a-days. We’re thinking about bringing in some brass accent pieces and switching out a few light fixtures here and there, to make the place feel more our style. We have our dining room chandelier from the old apartment that we still need to hang up and are on the hunt for a few other pieces that we can bring along with us to a future home that won’t break the bank.

Here are some brass favorites we found while searching the web. Everything from accent pieces to cabinet & drawer pulls, plus this simple brass trimmed mirror from Target. That Threshold section can be seriously dangerous! 😉 (That’s also where we found our night table lamps, for those who asked.)


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11 comments on “Brass Accents”

    1. I know! I remember it being really popular in the late 80s/early 90s…at least in my family growing and I thought silver finishes were the way to go, but I can’t get enough of brass lately. Thanks so much for the kind words about our apartment! Can’t wait to start decorating more over here. 🙂 XO

  1. Gorgeous picks! I would love to connect with you offline to talk more about your apartment- we live in Phoenix as well, and are contemplating streamlining our lives and downsizing to a great apartment for a few years. The finishes in your kitchen are so beautiful; I’d love to know which complex you are living in, as apartment kitchens that gorgeous are hard to come by in this town!

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