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May 18, 2016 | By New Darlings

New Darlings - Top Knot - Red Lips - Chambray

Hope you guys have been well.  It’s been as crazy as ever over here!  Work, a move, planning a trip…the list goes on, but we have more on that coming to the blog tomorrow. Until then, here are some recent snaps we’ve taken lately. (All image details are linked below.)

New Darlings - Boho Midcentury office space - #UOhomeThe jungle just kept growing in this room…

New Darlings - Night table - Midcentury Boho decorNew Darlings - Topman - Nordstrom - Menswear

New Darlings - Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market New Darlings - Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market We had such a fun time at the Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market a few weekends ago. Thanks again to the lovely ladies behind the event for inviting us to the pre-shopping event. 🙂

New Darlings - Overalls and Top KnotBeen living in overalls lately…

New Darlings - Plants in windowsill New Darlings - Moments at homeNew Darlings - Breakfast in bed - Black and white textilesTrying to indulge in slow mornings whenever we can…

New Darlings - At Home - Crosley Record Player - Midcentury furniture

So happy to have this Crosley in our bedroom now. We can’t stop spinning all of our favorite records. We put together a little online playlist over on Spotify, just in case you guys missed it.

New Darlings - Treats and Baths

New Darlings - Recent SnapsChecking out the new apartment. More on that tomorrow. 😉

9 comments on “Recent Snaps”

  1. I love your blog! I was wondering if you could disclose the source for the silver table lamp on your mid-century modern desk. I have been desperately looking for something in silver along those lines, but most of the offerings I see are either black or gold. I have a John van Koert 1957 petite desk and the hardware is silver, thus my search. Thanks…

    1. Hi Rita,
      The lamp on the desk is from Urban Outfitters, but it is more of a light brass/gold color than silver. It still may be able to work with your vintage desk though…its a shiny metal instead of brushed.Hope that helps a bit! Thanks for following along. 🙂

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