Leather Furniture Favorites

Apr 13, 2016 | By New Darlings

New Darlings - Boho Midcentury Living RoomWe’ve always been fans of the classic look of leather furniture. Before moving in to our new place, we had planned what pieces we were going to bring along from our old apartment as well as some new purchases.  On the top of that list of new purchases was our leather sofa.  It was a piece we had both wanted for quite some time and we’re happy to say it’s still one of our favorites in our home. When we moved in and finished setting everything up, I was that nervous (maybe slightly OCD) person who cringed when a guest plopped themselves on the couch or chair in our living room. I had visions of scratches and deep rips setting into the furniture. “Did they have keys on their jeans or maybe a big ‘ol fancy belt buckle that would destroy the new furniture?” It was pretty comical and a bit neurotic, to say the least. Now almost a year later, the leather is aging beautifully, showing wrinkles and distress marks that only add character to the pieces.

Here’s a round up of some of our favorite leather furniture pieces with a mid-century flare…


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12 comments on “Leather Furniture Favorites”

  1. I do love that couch! I want a new leather sofa for our new house, but I’m hoping to find one in a lower price range. I know you get what you pay for, but I’m not quite ready to drop that much on new furniture lol. That pouf though!

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