Dear Weekend

Apr 10, 2016 | By New Darlings

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His: Topman shirt | jeans c/o Dstld Denim | shoes c/o Nisolo
Hers: Urban Outfitters shirt | jeans c/o Dstld Denim | shoes c/o Nisolo | Warby Parker glasses | Madewell necklace | bag c/o Live Fashionable

This past week came and went so quickly. Usually we’re counting down the days till the weekend, but this week was a little different. We worked together on some fun photography projects (can’t wait to share!) and got a pretty good rhythm going over the course of the last few days, which can sometimes be hard to do. There’s a pretty amazing feeling that comes over you when you tackle a big to-do list or a “scary” project that shakes you a bit…when you complete something and aren’t left feeling totally exhausted or searching for more hours in the end.  This was one of those weeks where everything fell into place. We worked hard together, listened to one another, and felt over the moon about sitting down to dinner at a normal hour. (6:30 dinners don’t always happen over here.) We’re learning it’s important to celebrate those tiny victories in life and that its ok to be proud of yourself when you work hard. We listened to the rain fall in the dark Friday night, cuddled up on the couch. It was the first time it rained in Phoenix since January. (Pretty crazy!) It was such a peaceful way to welcome in the weekend. We’ve been filling the last few days with bike riding, dinner dates with friends, and playing some music at home. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend, before Monday rolls around again. 🙂 Oh and if you haven’t watched it yet (or seen our tweets) and are looking for something to watch on this cozy, gloomy day…go check out 11.22.63, we cried like babies. It will make you feel all the feels!

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5 comments on “Dear Weekend”

  1. Your lives sound so lovely and peaceful…or maybe its because I am listing to acoustic music 😛 hehe, you two are a gorgeous couple who have a really beautiful blog. I am happy I found this little space on the internet to get to see gorgeous photography and blog posts <3 I hope you guys have a lovely weekend!

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