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New Darlings - Milkbraids
You guys have been so sweet on instagram about different hairstyles I do, so I thought it was finally time I shared a little tutorial on one of my favorite (and easiest) hairstyles.  With the holidays right around the corner, we all could use a quick hairdo to get us out the door faster, while still looking pulled together.  I used to be intimidated by this hairstyle, but it has definitely become a go-to and is perfect for “second-day” hair. There’s a lot of hair tutorials floating around the internet, but I thought I’d share the approach that works best for me, and hopefully some of you as well. 🙂


What you’ll need: elastic hair ties, bobby pins, hair spray

Step 1: Separate your hair into two equal sections. I like to just do this with my fingers verses a comb, to avoid a harsh looking part.

Step 2: Start to braid your hair loosely and secure with a small elastic tie.  I like to put the hair in front my ear and start the braid pretty low down.  I’ve found that if you start too high up and braid too tightly, it makes the next few steps a bit harder.

Step 3: Repeat the braid on the other side and pull out strands/whispy pieces to frame your face (if desired).  This gives the style an overall softer look.  I find it easier to pull out these little pieces early on, rather than when everything is already bobbi-pinned.

Step 4: Once both sides are braided, lightly pull them apart starting at the top, working your way down.  This creates fuller looking braids.

Steps 5 and 6: Wrap around one braid at a time, pulling it up from your ear and then around the crown of your head.  Where the braids lay will be different for each person depending on the length of their hair.  I like to pull mine over and rest them right above where my bangs start on top of my head.  I’ve seen other people do this a little more forward on their forehead, too. Once you get it in position, pin with bobby pins.

Step 7: Repeat steps 5 and 6 with your other braid, wrapping it toward the front of your head.  Don’t forget to tuck in the ends (where your elastic ties show) under your other braid.

Step 8: Add a little hair spray and you’re ready to go!

Hope this was helpful! Please let us know if there’s anything else/other styles you’d like to see. 🙂

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18 comments on “MILK BRAIDS HOW TO”

  1. Hi! I tried the milk braids, but i came up with a problem that happened to me. When i do step 5, the top part of the braid (the hair resting on the scalp comes up so it’s not flat when i put the braids up. How do I get rid of that?

  2. I just found your blog and I love it! I also love your hair color so much! You make full color look soo lovely. I thought I needed balayage to make my hair look better, but you’ve shown me one color is beautiful, too! I’m totally taking your blog photos to my stylist. 😉 And I’m so glad you rock bangs as well. I’ve had bangs my entire life and I go back and forth between side swept and straight across. Thanks for representing ladies with bangs!! 💕

  3. I love this soooo much! Sorry if this is a personal question, but is your hair all natural? I wish I could have this look, but I simply don’t have enough hair/my hair is too thin to pull this off, so I was considering getting extensions. If your hair is naturally voluminous, then you are blessed with great genes!

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