Our Palm Springs Getaway

Aug 28, 2015 | By New Darlings

New Darlings Palm SpringsIf you follow along with us on instagram and snapchat, you probably saw that we recently took a mini vacation to Palm Springs.  We both have been wanting to go for quite a while now and this trip couldn’t have come at a better time.  Palm Springs is only a few hours from Phoenix, so it was definitely the perfect (extended) weekend getaway.  The morning of our trip we threw some clothes, swimsuits and our camera in a bag and hit the road.  Four hours later, after a few car singalongs and laugh attacks, we arrived in Palm Springs!

New Darlings - Retro Palm Springs GetawayNew Darlings - Retro Palm Springs Getaway
New Darlings - Retro Palm Springs GetawayNew Darlings - Retro Palm Springs GetawayNew Darlings - Palm SpringsNew Darlings - Retro Palm Springs GetawayNew Darlings - Retro Palm Springs GetawayNew Darlings - Retro Palm Springs GetawayNew Darlings - Retro Palm Springs GetawayNew Darlings - Retro Palm Springs GetawayNew Darlings - Palm SpringsThanks to Home Away, we stayed in one the of the most beautiful, retro homes just five minutes from downtown.  When we first walked in to our rental we were taken back by the beautiful view from the mid century living room straight through to the yard with a huge swimming pool and spa, that was surrounded by the tallest palm trees.  This place was seriously a dream.  We spent our mornings and evenings swimming around in that pool until our skin turned all pruney. (Not the best visual? Yeah probably not, but it definitely was a highlight for us.) In all seriousness, it was the perfect way for us to unwind and take it easy.  The last two months have felt like a marathon, with moving in to a new apartment and some new projects underway, so we couldn’t have been more excited to just take it easy and enjoy one another.

Some mornings we had breakfast in the cute kitchenette area or out by the pool.  For being so close to downtown, the neighborhood was so peaceful and calm. It was really refreshing.  We filled our afternoons exploring the midcentury homes and great restaurants.  If you find yourself in Palm Springs, here are some favorite places we found:

After settling in to our place for the weekend, we decided to grab an early dinner.  This was the first place we checked out.  The pizza was tasty.  Our choices were: the prosciutto + black mission fig and a classic margherita pie!

New Darlings - Palm Greens CafePALM GREENS CAFE
We hit up Palm Greens Cafe one day for brunch before an afternoon of antiquing (more on that in a minute).  Their menu is all vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and organic.  We don’t follow a vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free diet, but we do try to eat organic whenever possible.  It’s in a pretty unassuming location, in a regular looking shopping center, but it definitely is a place to check out.  The food was so fresh and our waiter was so friendly.  We’re still dreaming about the breakfast tacos!

Located in the same shopping center as Palm Greens Cafe, Revivals is a strip of consignment shops with everything from old TVs and records to vintage dresses. You definitely need to have a keen eye in this place to spot some hidden gems, as there is so much to go through! We did however score a little planter basket for $2, so it was worth it! Darlings Palm Springs GetawayNew Darlings Palm Springs GetawayNew Darlings Palm Springs Getaway
Such a fun antique shop with a HUGE jewelry and home goods selection.  This place was one of our favorites. The owner was so sweet!!  We spent some time chatting about the history of Palm Springs and the evolution of his shop.  There are so many treasures tucked away in every corner.  We left with a cute mid-century planter, but its pretty easy to get carried away in there.

New Darlings - Ernest CoffeeNew Darlings Ernset CoffeePalm SpringsPalm SpringsNew Darlings - Ernest CoffeeERNEST COFFEE
We stopped here for a quick refresher one afternoon; iced coffee and and a cold green tea.  It’s such a cute little place and Palm Spring’s only independent coffee shop. If we lived in Palm Springs, this definitely felt like the place we’d hang around, get some work done over a latte and even meet friends for a drink later on. (Yes, they also have wine and beer.) 😉 Springs - New DarlingsPalm SpringsNew Darlings - Pink Door HouseNew Darlings - Palm SpringsNew Darlings - Pink Door HouseMID CENTURY HOMES + #THATPINKDOOR HOUSE
If you haven’t heard of the pink door house, just search #thatpinkdoor on instagram and you’ll see a bunch of photos of people standing in front of this house.  It’s kind of become an internet phenomenon.   It was designed by Moises Esquenazi and voted one of Metropolitan Home Magazine’s “Best Homes in America”. Every home on this street was really unique, from colorful doors to intricate entry ways and landscape design. If you’re into midcentury architecture and design, this street is a goldmine.

So we found out about this place on accident…kind of.  Before dinner one night we were driving around and looking for some historical places to check out.  We did a quick search for places near our location and Elvis’ Honeymoon Hideaway came up! We couldn’t have been more excited! Guys, this is where Elvis and Priscilla Presley lived in 1966 and 1967!  We literally just stood there geeking out checking out the property and imagining what Palm Springs might have been like back in the 60s. Did we mention, you could set an appointment to tour this place?! It was too late into the evening to book a tour and we were leaving early the next day, otherwise we would have definitely done it.  The photos of the inside look amazing. We truly can’t wait to come back and take a tour.
New Darlings - Palm Springs

What can we say? We like our pizza! This place felt very family-friendly and casual, they had cute pop-art portraits on the wall of old actors and actresses, like Lucille Ball and Audrey Hepburn. As for the pizza…thicker crust, tons of toppings, we were in love! 😉 We wandered around tourist streets after dinner and passed a cute little chapel.  Of course we needed to snap a photo.

New Darlings - Palm SpringsKOFFI
We grabbed a super quick breakfast here on our way out of Palm Springs. Get the cinnamon bun — so good! They have a few locations in Palm Springs.  We went to the one on North Palm Canyon Dr. They have a pretty patio area with some great views.  Definitely a nice place to start your day.

The last place we visited was a beautiful botanical garden. It was truly incredible and we fell in love with every inch of it.  We’ll be sharing photos from there later this week! We took so many! 🙂

Some places we wanted to check out but didn’t get the chance to were:
CHEEKY’S – everyone recommended this place for breakfast, but they were closed the weekend we were in town!
PINNOCHIO IN THE DESERT – bottomless champagne for $4.95
LAS CASUELAS – Mexican food + music and dancing
WORKSHOP KITCH + BAR – brunch and dinner – looks like a pretty place
EL MIRASOL – another Mexican food place that was recommended to usNew Darlings - Palm SpringsNew Darlings PolaroidsHope some of our recommendations are helpful.  We had such an amazing time and can’t wait to plan another little getaway.  We’ve already started researching places in other cities we want to explore! Thanks again to Home Away for such an amazing stay!


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  1. One friend of my tells me that I have almost the same hair style as you hehehe… That´s why I discover your blog 🙂
    You are a lovely couple with a perfect blog, amazing photos and places! Really glad to discover this blog!
    Have a nice week!
    Love, ♡

  2. I grew up in Palm Springs and I have to tell you, in all the years there, I never explored Palm Springs in the special way you two have. This truly makes my heart melt and inspired me to look at home in an entirely different light thanks to all of your beautiful pictures and moments there. You guys Rock!

  3. Thanks to Em (you know whom I’m talking about) l started following you on IG. Great photos, great post. Next time I visit LA l’ll definitely take time to go to Palm Springs.
    Was curious about that architect you named above because where l live, over the 50s, there were some great architects, husband and wife Shapira-Eskenazi, google them up, l think you might like their work, specially “casa guendelman”!


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