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Oct 11, 2014 | By New Darlings

New Darlings - Black jumpsuit - Lack of Color FedoraNew Darlings - Black jumpsuit - Lack of Color FedoraNew Darlings - Black jumpsuit - Long hairNew Darlings - Black jumpsuit - Lack of Color Fedora - Daniel WellingtonNew Darlings - Black jumpsuit - Lack of Color Fedora
Recently we were “tagged” by a few amazing people, via instagram to share ten facts about us.  We figured it would be fun to do a “his and hers” take on it and share a few fun things many people may not know about us.

1. We met when we were teenagers. (Just 16 and 17 years old!)
2. He loves coffee. She prefers green tea.
3. We were both born and raised in New York.
4. When it comes to music and film, Bob Dylan and Woody Allen top our lists.
5. We both have degrees in Psychology.
6. He doesn’t like sweets.  She can eat a cupcake (or two) at any time of the day.
7. She has never dyed her hair.  He used to have hair down to his shoulders!
8. He makes the music.  She paints.
9. We love the sixties! The decor, The Beatles, The Graduate, the fashion.
10. We’ve taken pictures together weekly, since we started dating back in 2004!  We like to photograph everything and anything; places we go, things we eat, funny faces we make at each other. We have albums full of photos!

We’d love to learn more about you guys! Share your fun facts in the comments below!

Hers: jumpsuit c/o Savoir-Faire, hat c/o Lack of Color, bralette c/o Urban Outfitters, necklace c/o Samantha Wills, watch c/o Daniel Wellington


4 comments on “We’ve been tagged.”

  1. Cute facts! I’d love to see some of the pictures you’ve taken together over the years :]

    I love that you have never dyed your hair! That’s impressive. It’s naturally such a beautiful color! I haven’t ever dyed my hair either. 😀

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